6/30/18 Vacations in Halacha

Sitting next to a women on an airplane; Making a minyan on an airplane; Going somewhere with no minyan; Siblings going swimming together; What can you buy without a Hechsher?; Traveling to Alaska or Hawaii - When do you keep Shabbos? And Much More...

with Rabbi Yisroel Taplin - BMG - 14:00:00
with Rabbi Sholom Fishbane - Director, AKO & CRC - 34:00:00
with Rabbi Gideon Weitzman - Rav in Modiin and Posek for PUAH - 104:30:00
with Rabbi Yehudah Herzl Henkin - Posek and Rav in Eretz Yisroel - 120:00:00
with Rabbi Chaim Boruch Horowitz - Rosh Chaburah, Mir Yerushalayim - 123:35:00
with Rabbi Shimon Zaideh - Mohel & Shochet, Williamsburg - 137:30:00
with Rabbi Yehuda Leib Weiner - Senior Rabbi, Cedars - Sinai Medical Center, LA - 148:50:00

מראי מקומות

6/23/18 Geirim - Should we accept them or is the Syrian edict the correct model?

Vihavtem Es Hager at What Price? Hafka'as Kiddushin Controversy in Eretz Yisroel

HaRav Nochum Eisenstein - Rav of Maalot Dafna, Yerushalayim / Rosh L'Vaad HaRabbonim L'Inyanei Giyur - 16:00
HaRav Yitzchok Dwek - Rosh Kollel, Ohr HaBitachon / Author, A Life of Bitachon - 51:10:00
Rabbi Yitzchok Fuchs - Rav of Community of Geirim, Mexico - 119:35:00

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6/16/18 Talking to your Children about Summer Camp (and Life) Dangers

with Harav Yaakov Ephraim Forscheimer - Senior Posek, Beis Medrash Govoha - 14:15
with Dr. Reuvain Shanik - Pediatrician, Lakewoood NJ - 23:40
with Rabbi Aharon Sorscher - Maggid Shiur, Shas Illuminated, Father of victim of camp abuse - 25:10:00
with Mrs. Debbie Fox, LCSW - Torah Umesorah Rep. for Abuse - 32:30:00
with Rabbi YY Rubinstein - Author and Lecturer - 42:10:00
With Dr. Hylton Lytman, MD - Pediatrician, Far Rockaway, NY - 48:15:00
with HaRav Dovid Cohen- Rav, Gvul Yaavetz, Brooklyn, NY - 1:00:45

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6/9/18 Shechitah today: Chassidisher, Bais Yosef and Litvish - Is there a difference? What is important? An expose

with Rabbi Chaim Boruch Kushner - Shochet for over 25 Years - 14:50
with Rabbi Yudel Shain - Rav Hamachshir - 30:15
with Rabbi Boruch Mordechai Spiegal - Rav in Lakewood and Shochet - 104:30:00
with Rabbi Yitzchok Yosef Deren - Lubavitch Shochet - 119:20:00
with Rabbi Boruch Epstein - Owner, Epstein Meats | Askan - 139:40:00

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6/2/18 Guest Hosted by Shadchan Freddy Friedman and Elchonon Schwartz, LMHC

Owning Businesses in Halacha and Hashkafa: People who are making a difference

with Rabbi Yosef Kushner (with Nesanel Davis and Shimon Webster) - Dayan in Lakewood, Mechaber Sefer Commerce and Shabbos- 7:20
with Mr. Sol Werdiger - Chairman, Agudath Israel, Chairman, Ichud Mosdos Gur, Chairman of Refuah- 40:12:00

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