9/26/20 - Shiur 290 - Chalav Stam today; Rav Moshe’s Heter

Mirsas: Is it applicable today?
During aseres Yemei Teshuvah
Milk from Treifos

with Rabbi Hershel Schachter - Rosh Yeshiva YU - Poseik of the OU - 15:31
with Rabbi Moshe Elefant - COO of the OU - Daf Yomi Maggid Shiur - 27:01
with Rabbi Boruch Oberlander - Chabad Shaliach & Av Beis Din of Budapest - 1:13:04

מראי מקומות


9/12/20 - Shiur 289 - Seminary in Eretz Yisrael – Is it Worth It?

The high cost of attending seminary in Eretz Yisrael
What are the primary reasons to send a girl to seminary?
Should a girl attend seminary for shidduchim reasons?
The fascinating history of Sara Schnerir’s Bais Yaakov and seminaries

*** Guest Hosted by Aaron Parnes, host of the podcast Chinuch 2.0 - available at chinuchshow.com ***

*** Please take our survey about your experiences at http://seminarysurvey.com ***

with - Rabbi Yoel Kramer - Longtime menahel of Prospect Park Bnos Leah High School - 13:46
with - R’ Shlomo Lewenstein & R’ Tzodek Katz, Noted Shadchanim - 25:59
with - Yehuda Geberer, Noted historian, tour guide and host of the popular Jewish History - 38:35
Soundbites podcast
- https://jsoundbites.podbean.com/        https://yehudageberer.com/

מראי מקומות


9/5/20 - Shiur 288 - Donor Eggs in Halacha - Divide in Ger II

with Rabbi Tzvi Ryzman - Mechaber Rotz Katzvi - 17:21

Divide in Ger II
with Rabbi Beryl Abramowitz - Maggid Shiur in Ger - 52:07

with Rabbi Dr Benny Brown - Professor of Jewish thought, Hebrew University, Author - 1:31:33

מראי מקומות


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