10/16/21 – Shiur 341 – Kiruv – Hear from the boots on the ground – What‘s being done any what can YOU do

How are you Mekarev: through philisopical debates or theough teaching Torah? How to answer the tough questions, How every individual can and is obligated to get involved

with Rabbi Rav Uri Zohar - Legendary leader of the Teshuva movement in EY – 22:10
with Rabbi Yanky Arem - Chairman Peiylim Lev Lachim, Levlachim.org42:09
with Rabbi Yossy Gordon - CEO, Chabad on Campus – 48:16
with Rabbi Chaim Sampson CEO, Project Inspire (Aish) – 1:04:54
Previous weeks Riddles – 1:23:11

מראי מקומות


10/9/21 – Shiur 340 – The sandwich generation – Balancing taking care of elderly parents and children – Estate planning – Health Proxy

Should you take elderly parents in your home or place them in a nursing home? Are you obligated to care of your parents at the expense of your children? Do you have to take off from work to tend a parents need? When you're taking care of a parent are you exempt from all Mitzvos? Is there a Chiyuv Kibbud Av to a comatose parent? Estate Planning, Succesion Planning, Health Proxy  

with Rabbi Shimon Finkelman - Rebbi, Darchei Torah, Prolific Author – 21:37
with Rebbitzin Feige Twersky - Renowned Milwaukee Rebbitzin, Hamodia Columnist – 41:51
with Mr. Joe Klein, esq - Eldercare Expert – 1:04:54

מראי מקומות


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