1/1/22 – Shiur 352 – Living in a new world – Security Cameras Everywhere

Can cameras be used for Hashgachos / Cholov Yisrael?
Do we still need on site Mashgiachim?
Security cameras around homes and shuls; does it create a problem entering / walking by on Shabbos?
Can you use a camera to monitor an elderly parent who's in quarantine / in the hospital on Shabbos?
Can you use a nanny cam or baby monitor on Shabbos?

with Rabbi Moshe Elefant – COO of the OU, Renowned Maggid Shiur, Rov Zichron Yosef Ohel Aryeh – 19:49
with Rabbi Ortner – Director of Halacha and technology OU, Rov, Linas Hatzedek, Mechaber Seforim  – 43:03

מראי מקומות

12/25/21 – Shiur 351 – “Rabbis at Risk” – Rabbinic and Leadership Scandals – How can it happen? Coming to terms with when our leaders fail us

Can allegations be believed?
Does the perpetrator’s behavior “passul” his teachings and writings?
Should his books be removed from the stores? From our houses?
How do we come to grips with our leaders failing us?
Does the position cause the problem, or does the person take the position in order to take advantage of others?
Are there certain character traits which are more common in perpetrators?
Should we discuss it with our children, and if so, how?
Should a Rabbi, male marriage coach, etc. advise women on Shalom Bayis?

 ***Guest Hosted by Ari Wasserman *** Author of "Making it Work", "Making it ALL Work" (for women) and 10 other Seforim, Maggid Shiur, Yerushalayim

with Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz – Senior Lecturer at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach – 12:55
with Dr. David Pelcovitz – Renowned Psychologist 40:29
with Dr. Erica Brown – award winning author & lecturer, Jewish leadership expert 1:00:56
with Rabbi Daniel Feldman – Rosh Yeshiva at REITs, author of “False Facts and True Rumors” – 1:25:42

with Rabbi Dr. Yisrael Levitz – founding dean of The Family Institute of Neve Yerushalayim, author of “Rabbinic Counseling” 1:42:57

Previous weeks Riddles  – 2:09:35

מראי מקומות


12/18/21 – Shiur 350 – Parenting – Why do you need a license for everything besides being a parent?

There are 4 different parenting styles – which one are you?
What should you do when you're child isn't living up to your expectations?
Should you stand firm or give in to your child's demands?
Why are we seeing so much parent/child strife these days?
How do I talk to my child about potential predators?
Why do my friends have better kids than me when I try so hard?
How can you boost a child's self-esteem?
Is a successful career a contradiction to successful parenting?
My child is being bullied – how do I handle it?
What do I do when my child won't listen?
My child is jealous of his peers – how do I deal with it?
What do I do when my child asks the "wrong" questions?
Am I responsible "to" my child or "for" my child?

with Dr. Sara Yaroslowitz - Parenting Expert – 18:47
with Mattis Miller - Well known psychologist, Parenting Author – 46:13
with Rabbi Ron Yitzchak Eisenmann - Rov, Ahavas Yisroel Pasaic, Mishpacha Columnist –1:12:22
with Mrs Sarah Chana Radcliffe - renowned pyschologist, author and columnist – 1:26:03
with Rabbi Noach Orloweck - Noted Educator andparenting expert – 1:57:00

Previous weeks Riddles  – 2:04:45

מראי מקומות


12/12/21 – Shiur 349 – Shidduchim; What should you be looking for, and how do you know you made the correct choice?

What are red flags you should be concerned about?

Does attraction come before or after marriage?
What’s a mental health issue and what’s run of the mill?
What are some of the Middos issues that make a Shidduch DOA?
Can stinginess be cured? Lack of ambition? Anger?
Should you be worried about the possibility that you're settling’?
How do you know if he/she is ‘the one’ ?

with Rabbi Dr Jack Cohen - Noted dating coach, lecturer & columnist 16:56
with Mrs. Bella Beer - Dating coach, life coach and columnist   – 39:49
with Rabbi Rabbi Zecharia Greenwald Menahel, Meohr Seminary 1:01:57

Previous weeks Riddles  – 1:29:19

מראי מקומות


12/04/21 – Shiur 348 – Why do some people lie, or cover up information, when being a shidduch reference? What happens when information is not disclosed and the couple gets married?

What needs to be disclosed (e.g., having a colorful background, health problems, addictions)? When and by whom? How should we respond to shidduch inquiries when asked? Should references disclose everything? Can they lie? Are people typically lax in disclosing? Do certain segments of Judaism fail to disclose more than others? Can things be patched up when problems are discovered after marriage?

 ***Guest Hosted by Ari Wasserman *** Author of "Making it Work", "Making it ALL Work" (for women) and 10 other Seforim, Maggid Shiur, Yerushalayim

with Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Lowy – Rav of the Agudas Yisrael of Toronto – 8:41
with Rabbi Daniel Stein – Rosh Yeshiva at REITS and Rav of The Ridniker Shteibel 33:16
with Mrs. Elisheva Liss – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Lecturer and Author – 1:00:07
with Dr. David Pelcovitz – Renowned Psychologist 1:20:02
with Rabbi Daniel Travis – Rosh Kollel, Toras Chaim and prolific author 1:32:40

מראי מקומות


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