11/5/22 – Shiur 393 – Hear from the wife of someone who has SSA – Is there life after divorce?

November 4, 2022

Is same sex attraction real? Hear about it in real life 

with "Sara" – A wife of someone who has SSA - 22:23

Can the mother have custody of the boys when the father has a Mitzvah to teach his children Torah?
Are you allowed to say Loshon Horah when asked Shidduch information about your ex- spouse? 
Are you allowed to say the divorce wasn’t messy?
Can you hide your assets to give less alimony?
If a spouse is violating the divorce agreement and Beis Din can’t enforce it, are you allowed to go to secular court?
If one of the spouses goes off the Derech how should it be dealt with? 
How are the ex-spouses supposed to communicate with each other?
If one of the spouses remarries, how do they walk down to the Chuppah?

with Rabbi Avrohom Kahan – Rav of Congregation Khal New City, Av Beis Din of the Bais Din Vaad Hadin V’horaah – 34:25
with Reb Yitzchok Gruenbaum – Concord Mediation Group – 1:16:26

Answers to last weeks riddles – 1:33:55

 מראי מקומות