11/19/22 – Shiur 395 – Life Before Divorce – How do we stop the upward trend of divorce in our communities?

November 18, 2022

Does a wife have to take on her husband’s Chumros?
Should you be your spouse’s Mashgiach?
Is there a Mitzvah of כיבוד אב ואם when parents are meddling into the children’s lives?
If a Chosson or Kallah teacher taught incorrectly and it lead to divorce, are they obligated to pay for damages?
Why are there so many divorces these days?

with Rabbi Yisroel Knofler – Av Beis Din Badatz of Lakewood – 19:03

Why are there so many divorces these days?
Are they all frivolous or necessary?
Why are so many young people coming home so quickly? Are they immature, unwilling to put the work in?
When is it time for therapy and when is it time to give up on therapy?
Is therapy the problem or the solution?
What is the solution?
How can we stop this tidal wave?

with Talli Rosenbaum – Individual and couple therapist and certified intimate therapist – 52:30
with Dr. Avi Muschel – A Clinical psychologist 1:24:13
with Lisa Twerski – Author, International Lecturer on dating and marriage – 1:46:39

 מראי מקומות