12/12/21 – Shiur 349 – Shidduchim; What should you be looking for, and how do you know you made the correct choice?

December 10, 2021
What are red flags you should be concerned about?

Does attraction come before or after marriage?
What’s a mental health issue and what’s run of the mill?
What are some of the Middos issues that make a Shidduch DOA?
Can stinginess be cured? Lack of ambition? Anger?
Should you be worried about the possibility that you're settling’?
How do you know if he/she is ‘the one’ ?

with Rabbi Dr Jack Cohen - Noted dating coach, lecturer & columnist 16:56
with Mrs. Bella Beer - Dating coach, life coach and columnist   – 39:49
with Rabbi Rabbi Zecharia Greenwald Menahel, Meohr Seminary 1:01:57

Previous weeks Riddles  – 1:29:19

מראי מקומות