12/18/21 – Shiur 350 – Parenting – Why do you need a license for everything besides being a parent?

December 17, 2021

There are 4 different parenting styles – which one are you?
What should you do when you're child isn't living up to your expectations?
Should you stand firm or give in to your child's demands?
Why are we seeing so much parent/child strife these days?
How do I talk to my child about potential predators?
Why do my friends have better kids than me when I try so hard?
How can you boost a child's self-esteem?
Is a successful career a contradiction to successful parenting?
My child is being bullied – how do I handle it?
What do I do when my child won't listen?
My child is jealous of his peers – how do I deal with it?
What do I do when my child asks the "wrong" questions?
Am I responsible "to" my child or "for" my child?

with Dr. Sara Yaroslowitz - Parenting Expert – 18:47
with Mattis Miller - Well known psychologist, Parenting Author – 46:13
with Rabbi Ron Yitzchak Eisenmann - Rov, Ahavas Yisroel Pasaic, Mishpacha Columnist –1:12:22
with Mrs Sarah Chana Radcliffe - renowned pyschologist, author and columnist – 1:26:03
with Rabbi Noach Orloweck - Noted Educator andparenting expert – 1:57:00

Previous weeks Riddles  – 2:04:45

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