1/8/22 – Shiur 353 – Don’t waste a tragedy; Chaim Walder exposé and death

January 7, 2022

Is it true? Testimony from an independent 3rd party
Tzviki Fleishman – Clinical psychologist, Founder, Lo Tishtok – 25:46

Was Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu correct to expose CW or was his process flawed? Some of the halchik problems; Listening to testimony without the accused present, CW desire to go to another bes din, listening to עד מפי עד
Rabbi Zalman Graus – preeminent expert in Bes Din process – 45:28

Is there a problem of lashon hara or malbin pnai chavairo? Can the books be used?
Rabbi Zev Leff – Rov, Posek and Maggid Shiur – 1:11:30

Are rabbonim listening to the victims? Is the sympathy with the victims or the perpetrators?
Hagaon Harav Aharon Sorscher – Rov, Waterbury Conneticut, Maggid Shiur Shas Illuminated  –   1:33:48

Is Israeli society getting the message? Should a suicide get a mass funeral and nichum availim from the chief rabbi?
Jonathan Rosenblum – Mishpacha Columnist and author - 1:50:48

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