4/30/22 – Shiur 368 – What time can you count Sefiras Haomer? | Chametz after Pesach – What are the issues? | Can we rely on our Shabbos and hotel Hashgachos?

April 29, 2022

If you Daven Maariv after Plag or after Shkiah can you count Sefirah? How to count of you're making early Shabbos? If a Rov forgot to count can he continue to count with a Brocha? And much more?
with Rabbi Chaim Jachter - Rov, Shaarei Orah of Teaneck, Beis Din of Elizabeth – 16:42

Was your Chametz really sold? Are your cookies really baked after Pesach? Can you have sourdough made after Pesach? How do the have pizza immediately ater Pesach? Can you but whiskey in duty free shops? And much more.....
with Rabbi Yudel Shain – Rov, Poseik and renowned veteran Mashgiach36:07

Can you rely on Shabbos and hotel Hashgachos? Hear the stories....
with Rabbi Mordechai Shain – Noted Mashgiach – 56:10

מראי מקומות