5/8/21 – Shiur 321 – Are there Halachic ways to eliminate debt?

May 6, 2021

Are there heterim to not repay debt? What if it’s owed to a credit card company, bank or government, as opposed to a Jewish lender or gmach? What must be disclosed when taking out a loan? Is it better to learn in Kollel and incur debt or to get a job? Can a creditor force the debtor to sell his home and other assets? Does halacha ever cap the amount of debt we can incur? 

***Guest Hosted by Ari Wasserman *** Author of "Making it Work", "Making it ALL Work" (for women) and 10 other Seforim, Maggid Shiur, Yerushalayim

with Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz – Rosh Yeshiva of Aish HaTorah – 9:57
with Rabbi Yosef Greenwald – Dayan, Posek and Rav of Khal Dexter Park 35:32
with Naftoli Horowitz – Managing Director at J.P. Morgan and author 01:07:10
with Shmuli Margulies – Chairman of Mesila – 01:40:00
with Rabbi Berel Wein – Rabbi of Beit Knesset Hanassi – 02:01:47

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