2/1/20 - Show 257 - Checking for Bugs Part II

What did our forefathers do before lightboxes loops and microscopes? Can you use triple washed lettuce without a hechsher? Are these issues D’oraysa or D’rabanan? How much effort should we be putting into this?

with Harav Hershel Schachter - Rosh Yeshivah YU, Poseik of the OU - 17:30
with Rabbi Moshe Vaye - World Renowned Kashrus and Bug Expert, Mechaber Bedikas Hamazon K'Halacha - 25:00
Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz - World renowned Poseik, Rosh Yeshivah Aish Hatorah, Yerushalayim - 54:15
With Rabbi Eli Gerstein - Rabbinical Coordinator & Recorder of Policy OU - 58:45
with Rabbi Dovid Goldstein - Chief Mashgiach for Positive and Kosher Gardens - with Rabbi Ari Green - Mashgiach Evergreens Monsey - 1:40:00

מראי מקומות


1/25/20 Show 256 - Checking for Bugs

Din or Chumrah? What is necessary to check? Is this a new phenomenon? Nirah Leynaim, Chazaka, Miyut and much more....

with Harav Reuven Feinstein - Rosh Yeshivah Staten Island - 18:25 
with Rabbi Dovid Goldstein - Chief Mashgiach for Positive and Kosher Gardens - 35:09
Rabbi Oren Duvdevani - Head of Kashrus for Tzohar - 1:09:34
With Mrs. Etti Neustadt - Grandaughter of Reb Yaakov Kamenetsky ZT"L - 2:02:10

Clarifying the status of Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Rabbi Elliot Schrier - Rov of the Albert Einstein Synagogue, Kehillas Birkas Shmuel -  2:13:26 

מראי מקומות


1/18/20 - Show 255 - Is it Mutar to go to Secular College

Coed dorms, bathrooms and classes; frats, drinking, and OTD risk; “orthodox” Jews mixed dancing parties at night and Shacharis the next morning; rampant anti-Semitism; extreme liberalism and Kefirah – is there any Heter?

Are the Ivy League Schools worse than Brooklyn and Queens colleges? How does the situation in the U.S. compare to that of the U.K., South Africa and Australia? 

** Guest Hosted by Ari Wasserman ** Author of “Making it Work,” “Making it ALL Work” (for women) and 10 other Seforim, Maggid Shiur, Yerushalayim

with Rabbi Zevulun Schwartzman – Rosh Kollel – Yerushalayim - 8:06
with Yoni Goldberg – student, Princeton University - 33:34
with “Bracha” – student, Ivy League university - 53:24

with Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz – author, speaker – London - 1:03:30
with Aaron Fishkind – student, University of Pennsylvania - 1:21:52
with Yoni Katz – student, NYU - 1:29:37
with Rabbi Dr. Gil Perl – Head of Kohelet Yeshiva - Pennsylvania - 1:41:00
with Cameron Isen – student, University of Pennsylvania - 2:09:00
with "Sarah" – student, Ivy League university - 2:21:30
with Professor Alan Dershowitz – retired Harvard Law School professor - 2:31:40
with Alex Lyons – former student in the United Kingdom -  2:53:00
with Ari Jackson – former student in Australia - 2:55:10
with “Yaakov” – recent graduate, Queens College - 2:57:45

מראי מקומות


1/11/20 - Show 254 - Medical School in Halacha, Practicing Medicine on Shabbos

Can a Frum Jew become a doctor? Can a Kohein become a doctor? What are some of the many Halachik challenges they face? 
Giving stitches on Shabbos, Working in a Hospital on Shabbos, and many more practical applications.....

with Rabbi Dr. Avrohom Steinberg -Author, Encyclopdia Refuah, Encyclopedia Talmudis, Ethics Director, Shaarei Zedek Hospital - 15:00
 Rabbi Dr. Daniel Roth - Co-Author, Halachos of Refuah on Shabbos, Ophthalmologist, Robert Wood Johnson Hospital - 55:15
with Dr. Alan Kadish - President, Touro University and College System - 1:26:00
with Dr. Louis Malcmacher - President, Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, President at American Academy of Facial Esthetics - 1:55:00

מראי מקומות


1/4/20 - Show 253 - Lashon Horah - Hear the stories of the recent tragic terror attacks

Is it Lashon Horah to out Meagnim, Abusers and criminals?

with Rabbi Aharon Sorcher - Rav, Detroit, Maggid Shiur, Shas Illuminated - 5:15 

Should every shul and Yeshivah be protected with guns? Dealing with the Halachik issues of arming ourselves; Mukzeh, Hotzah etc.

with R' Yosef Glick - Monsey Terror Victim - 40:30
R' Dudi Lax - Jersey City Terror Survivor - 49:15
with Rabbi Shimon Silver - Rav, Young Israel of Greater Pittsburgh - 58:00
with Rabbi Tzvi Ortner - Mechaber Sifrei Halachah Machsheves Tzvi, Rav of Zman Technologies - 1:18:35
with Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld - Rabbi, Young Israel of Kew Garden Hills - 1:39:55
with R' Yehuda Montal - Yeshivah Merkaz Harav Terror Victim - 1:50:00
with Mrs. Dalia Shusterman - Crown Heights Anti-Semitic Attack Victim - 1:55:00

מראי מקומות


12/28/19 - Show 252 - Horror Agunah Stories - Prenuptial Agreements: Halacha, Hashkafa and Practicality - Don’t get married or allow your child to get married without listening to this program

How to insure against the horrors of divorce or being left an aguna: The new Prenuptial that has the Haskamos of Gedolei HaPoskim. Horror Agunah stories that prenups would have helped. Is it a forced Get? Do they actually work? Can it solve the Agunah crisis?

with Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch - Raavad of Yerushalayim, Mechaber Moadim U'Zmain & Teshuvos V'Hanhagos - 24:30  
with Mrs. Esther Nechama Wassermann - Agunah - 30:00
Rabbi Dovid Cohen - Rav of G'Vul Yaavetz, Mechaber Seforim - 1:08:40
with Eli Goldbaum and Martin Fridelander esq - Founders of Yashar Coalition - 1:25:00 
with Rabbi Avrohom Kahn - Dayan & Founder Bais Din Vaad Hadin V’horaah, Rav of Congregation Khal New City - 1:53:30
with Rabbi Yosef Greenfield - Rav of Chestnut, Lakewood, NJ - 2:12:45

מראי מקומות


12/21/19 - Show 251 - Keeping Shabbos in a 24/7 World

E-commerce, Amira L'Akum, Schar Shabbos, Contracts and Partnerships

**Guest Hosted by Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman** Editor, Yeshurun, Chairman, Torah Projects, Agudath Israel 

with Rabbi Yaakov Frommer, Nursing Home Operator - 24:30
with Rabbi Shlomo Dickman, Ram, Yeshiva Mayan Hatalmud, Mechaber of Hilchos Shabbos B’Shabbato - 51:00
with Rabbi Yosef Kushner, Dayan, Bais Havaad of Lakewood, Author, Commerce and Shabbos - 1:15:30
with Rabbi Michoel Frank, Rav, Ohr HaTorah, Silver Springs, MD, Mechabair Sefer Naveh Shaanan on Hilchos Mezuzah and Meshivas Regel on Tchumin - 1:42:30

מראי מקומות


12/14/19 – Show 250 – “Quick Divorces” after marriage. Why are they happening? Can they be avoided?

Why are “quick divorces” happening? What’s a good reason to get divorced quickly? Is “incompatibility” enough? What needs to be disclosed while dating? Addictions, mental disorders, abuse? How should references respond to Shidduch inquiries?

** Guest Hosted by Ari Wasserman ** Author of “Making it Work,” “Making it ALL Work” (for women) and 10 other Seforim, Maggid Shiur, Yerushalayim

with Rabbi Moshe Hauer – Rav of Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion, Baltimore - 7:40
with Rabbi Zecharya Greenwald – Principal of Me’ohr Bais Yaakov Seminary, Yerushalayim - 40:30
with Mrs. Sara Yoheved Rigler – Bestselling author and inspirational teacher -  1:23:00
with Mrs. Lisa Twerski – Therapist, author and Nefesh board member - 1:56:00
with Rabbi Dr. Benzion Sorotzkin - Psychologist - 2:12:00
with Rabbi Dr. Jack Cohen - Renowned Shidduch and Shalom Bayis Coach - 2:33:00
Closing Chizuk from Rabbi Yissocher Frand - Rosh Yeshiva, Ner Yisroel, Baltimore - 2:44:00

מראי מקומות


12/7/19 - Show 249 - How do you define Kiddush Hashem?

Is a Frum boy winning at Jeopardy a Kiddush Hashem? Israel sending aid to Haiti? Rallies for Rubashkin? An astronaut making Kiddush in outer space? Is Jewish success and or nationalism a Kiddush Hashem? Is learning in Kollel? And many more examples

with Rabbi Mordechai Becher - Senior Lecturer, Gateways - 14:30
with Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander - President and Rosh HaYeshiva, Ohr Torah Stone -  41:15
with Rabbi Shraga Freedman - Author, Living Kiddush Hashem - 59:00
with Rabbi Shlomie Ehrlich - Director, Ohr Layesharim, Monsey - 1:34:00

מראי מקומות


11/30/19 - Show 248 - Dealing with corruption and abuse of Toanim in Beis Din

Can one go to court when faced with a corrupt Toen or Beis Din? Should we allow Toanim in Beis Din? Is the system in Eretz Yisroel the correct model?

with Rabbi Dovid Cohen Shlit"a - Rov of Gvul Yaavetz, Leadining Poseik in America - 16:00
with Rabbi Yudel Shain - Bais Din consultant - 24:30
with Rabbi Simcha Roth - Renowned Toen - 47:30 
with Rabbi Tuvya Stern, Esq. - Attorney & Toen in Eretz Yisroel - 1:46:00
with Rabbi Ephraim Goldfein, Esq - Senior Partner, Goldfein and Joseph - 2:17:00
with Rabbi Yaakov Rappaport, Esq - Partner, Yuspeh Rappaport Law - 2:36:00

מראי מקומות


11/23/19 - Show 247 - “Broken Engagements” in Halachah, Hashkafah and Psychology.

Why are there so many broken engagements nowadays? How can they be avoided? Does the one who breaks the shidduch get penalized? Do the ring, sheitel and other gifts need to be returned? Who pays the costs which were committed to (wedding hall, photographer, band, make-up artist)? Does the Shadchan need to return the Shadchanus?

** Guest Hosted by Ari Wasserman ** Author of “Making it Work,” “Making it ALL Work” (for women) and 10 other Seforim, Maggid Shiur, Yerushalayim

with Rabbi Rabbi Yitzchok Breitowitz – Renowned Posek and Senior Lecturer at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach - 11:15
with Mrs. Elisheva Liss – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Lecturer and Author - 57:30 
with "Sarah" – to discuss her broken engagement - 1:32:00 
with Rabbi Dr. Jack Cohen – Renowned Shidduch and Shalom Bayis Coach - 1:50:00

מראי מקומות


11/16/19 - Show 246 - Beis Din - Do Toanim serve a Purpose?

Is there an affordable way to go to Beis Din? How do outcomes and costs compare to the court system? How to identify a reputable Beis Din vs. a rouge Beis Din etc.

with Rabbi Herschel Shachter - Rosh Yeshivah, YU - 24:00 
with Rabbi Zalam Graus - Renowned Toen & Dayan, Mechaber Seforim - 29:00 
with Rabbi Avrohom Kahn - Dayan & Founder Bais Din Vaad Hadin V’horaah, Rav of Congregation Khal New City - 1:06:00

מראי מקומות


11/9/10 - Show 245 - Women’s Hatzolah Ezras Noshim

Is it good or is it putting women's lives at risk?

with Rabbi Herschel Shachter - Rosh Yeshivah, YU - 18:15
with Rabbi Yaakov Zaideh - Dayan of Vizhnitz - 23:50
with Simcha Shain - Hatzolah Veteran Paramedic, CEO Paraflight - 30:30

מראי מקומות


11/2/19 - Show 244 - Employment Law in Halacha

Is it ever Muttar to fire a Rav, a Rebbi or employee? Non competes, Contracts, Severance, How to hire employees and much more... 

with Rabbi Dovid Grossman - Rosh Bais HaVaad, Lakewood, NJ - 28:45
with Rabbi Yosef Fleischman -Rosh Kollel of Kollel Choshen Mishpat in Yerushalayim, Beis Din Tzedek Nesivos Chaim - 50:30

מראי מקומות


10/26/19 - Show 243 - Is Open Orthodoxy Orthodox

with Rabbi Asher Lopatin - Former President, Chovovei Torah, Riverdale, NY - 15:00
with Rabbi David Rosenthal -  Author - "Why Open Orthodoxy is not Orthodox" - 54:30
with Rabbi Ysoscher Katz- Chair, Department of Talmud, Chovovei Torah, Riverdale NY - 1:04:00 


10/19/19 - Show 242 - Sukkos Joy: Understanding Simchas Yom Tov

How should we translate the word "Simcha"? Why is Simcha so central to Jewish Torah life? What is special about the Simcha of Sukkos? How does Simcha become an ethical imperative? And much more...

*** Guest Hosted by Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer - Rav, Dayan, and Mechaber Seforim, Yerushalayim ***

with Rabbi Rabbi Reuven Leuchter - Close Talmid of Rav Shlomo Wolbe zt"l, World renowned Mashgiach and Speaker - 8:25
with Rabbi Daniel Rowe -  Leader and CEO of Aish UK - 28:55
with Rabbi Jamie Cowland Close Talmid of Rav Noach Weinberg zt"l, Founder and CEO of Justifi - 56:30 


10/12/19 - Show 241 - Contemporary Sukkos Shailos Everyone Needs to Know - Using the Yom Tov Oven

Showering on Y"T, Sleeping in the Sukkah, How much to spend on Arba Minim, Using Plastic Ties for Schach, Sitting in Sukkah on Shmini Atzeres and many more..

*** Guest Hosted by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz - Rav, Beis Haknesses of North Woodmere ***

with Rabbi Shay Tahan - Rav, Cong. Ohel Moshe, Brooklyn, Dayan, AskHalacha.com Editor - 9:50
with Rabbi Yitzchok Eizik Silver - Rosh Bais Horaah, Yerushalayim - 56:15

Using the Yom Tov Oven
with Rabbi Moshe Heineman, Rav of Agudas Yisroel of Baltimore, Rabbinical Supervisor at the Star-K - 1:45:00

10/5/19 - Show 240 - Today’s Teshuvah is different than past generations: Find out how

with Rabbi Efrem Goldberg – Senior Rabbi of the Boca Raton Synagogue - 23:00
with Rabbi Jonathan Rietti – Senior Lecturer, Gateways -  54:00

מראי מקומות


9/28/19 - Show 239 - Preparing for the best year of your life

Yud Gimmel Middos: How does it work? Is it magic? What do they mean? A fascinating new understanding

with Dovid Lichtenstein - 24:25 
with Rabbi Mordechai Becher - 1:08:00

מראי מקומות


9/21/19 - Show 238 - Financial challenges of the workplace, and how to stay out of the “headlines”.

Does the employer or employee get to keep the frequent flyer miles, is bathroom time on the clock, how sick do you need to be to take a “sick day,” taking personal calls on company time, using the company printer, and much more

** Guest Hosted by Ari Wasserman ** Author of “Making it Work,” “Making it ALL Work” (for women) and 10 other Seforim, Maggid Shiur, Yerushalayim

with Rabbi Efrem Goldberg – Senior Rabbi of the Boca Raton Synagogue - 9:00
with Rabbi Yona Reiss – Av Beis Din of the CRC - 34:00 
with Avi Steinlauf – CEO, Edmunds - 1:11:00 
with Harry Rothenberg – Noted speaker and Partner, Rothenberg Law Firm - 1:30:30
Closing Chizuk from Judge Ruchie Freier- Elected Chasidic judge, NYC Civil Court - 1:55:00

מראי מקומות


9/14/19 - Show 237 - Tefillah: Halachah, Machshavah and History

Is it better to make up your own Tefilos? Can you skip portions of Davening so you can Daven a small part with Kavana? Better to Daven at home than at a Shul with talkers? Why do we Daven when Hashem knows everything? And much more...

with Rabbi Zev Leff - Rav, Moshav Mattisyahu - 18:30
with Rabbi Moshe Weinberger - Rav, Aish Kodesh, Woodmere, NY - 51:20
with Rabbi Yehoshua Hartman - Rosh Beis HaMedrash at Hasmonean, London, Talmid of Rav Hutner - 1:07:30
with Rabbi Yehudah Landi - Renowned historian and Researcher - 1:36:30 

Uman, leaving Israel and home: Is that appropriate?!

with Rabbi Aaron Lankry - Chief Rabbi, Bais Medrash Or Chaim, Monsey, NY - 1:52:15
with Yosef Chaim Bernfeld - Talmid of Rav Nachman of Breslov - 2:13:00 

מראי מקומות


9/7/19 - Show 236 - Understanding the differences in Hashkafah between the Litvish and Lubavitch worlds

The incredible impact & Mesiras Nefesh of the Shiluchim - from all six continents

with Rabbi Leibel Shapiro - Rosh Yeshivah, Landow Yeshivah of Miami Beach, Chozer of the Lubavitcher Rebbe - 22:45
with Rabbi Noam Wagner - Rosh Yeshiva in Johannesburg, South Africa - 43:15
with Rabbi Zalman Gifter - Rav in Toms River - 1:04:00
with Rabbi Schneur Zalman Zaklos - Shaliach, Novosibirsk, Siberia - 1:39:30
with Rabbi Tzvi Grunblatt - Shaliach, Argentina - 1:50:30
with Rabbi Mendy Chitrik - Shaliach, Istanbul, Turkey - 2:02:30
with Rabbi Moshe Raskin - Shaliach, Uganda, Africa - 2:15:30
with Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Groner - Shaliach, Melbourne, Australia - 2:21:15 

מראי מקומות


8/31/19 - Show 235 - Choshen Mishpat in the Workplace – how clean do we need to be? Remaining Ehrlich - what is allowed and what’s not?

Getting double reimbursements, expensing a business class ticket and flying coach, leaving your jacket at work so nobody knows you left, and much more

** Guest Hosted by Rabbi Ari Wasserman ** Author of “Making it Work,” “Making it ALL Work” (for women) and 10 other Seforim, Maggid Shiur, Yerushalayim

with Rabbi Aharon Lopiansky – Rosh HaYeshiva, Yeshiva of Greater Washington - 10:20
with Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz – Renowned Posek and Senior Lecturer at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach - 42:30 
with Dr. Rivka Schwartz – Professional educator and popular lecturer - 1:36:30 
with Mr. Charlie Harary – management consultant and noted speaker - 1:56:10 

מראי מקומות


8/24/19 - Show 234 - Safety in Halacha ***Guest Hosted by Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer - Rav, Dayan, and Mechaber Seforim, Yerushalayim***

Dina D'Malchusa, Texting and Driving, Chiyuv to wear a seatbelt, Halachically allowed activites, and many more shailos

with Rabbi Yitzchok Basser - Posek, Bais HaVaad, Lakewood - 10:15
with Dayan Yaakov Rappaport, Esq. - Dayan in Cleveland and Lakewood - Attorney, Specializing in Personal Injury - 39:00

מראי מקומות


8/17/19 - Show 233 - Summer Halachos: Visitng Beis Hakavoros & Kivrei Tzadikim, What to know about Kashrus when you are away, Shabbos in hotels and much more

Can we Daven to Meisim? What needs a Hechsher? Sensors and motion detectors on Shabbos

with Rabbi Doniel Neustadt - Rav, Pine River Village Lakewood - 17:00
with Rabbi Doniel Lander - Rosh HaYeshiva of Yeshiva Ohr HaChaim & Beis Medrash L'Talmud, Queens - 58:30
with Rabbi Sholem Fishbane - Director, AKO & CRC, Chicago - 1:23:15

מראי מקומות

8/10/19 - Show 232 - Tisha B’Av, Galus and the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash

Understanding the Holocaust

with Rabbi Shmuel Irons - Rosh Hakollel of Kollel Institute of Greater Detroit - 15:30
with Rabbi Yaakov Feitman - Rav, Kehilas Bais Yehuda Zvi, Cedarhurst - Talmid of Rav Hutner ZT"L -  36:00
with Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz - Rav of Bais Haknesses of North Woodmere - 53:25

מראי מקומות


8/3/19 - Show 231 - Maran Harav Shach and the Lubavitcher Rebbe: 30 years later understanding their Hashkafik and Halachic differences

Are they still relevant? Have things changed? Would they still hold their positions today?

Clips from Gedolei Yisroel 
with Rabbi Yissachar Dov Lederman - Mikurav to Rav Shach, Z"L and Rosh Mosdos - 27:00
with Rabbi Chaim Dalfin - Author and Rosh Kollel - 56:30 

מראי מקומות


7/27/19 - Show 230 - Gedolim and Jewish Leaders

Should we put them on a pedestal and deify them, or see them as human with the possibility of foibles and errors? Is infallibility a Jewish or Christian concept?
A look back at the banned Sefer "The Making of a Godol"

with Rabbi Shimon Szimonowitz - Rosh Machon Aleh Zayis - 28:15
with Dr. Chaim Waxman, Professor Hadassa College, Brother-in-Law of R' Nosson Kamenetzky, Z"L- 1:10:00
with Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin - Head of Chinuch, NCSY, Columnist, Mishpacha Magazine - 1:36:30 

מראי מקומות


7/20/19 - Show 229 - Pets in Halacha and Haskafah

Should we own a dog? The recent ban in Eretz Yisroel to dog ownership, Mukzah, Hotzaah, Feeding, Neutering, and many more Shailos

with Rabbi Eliezer Eisenberg - Director, Bais Vaad LaChachamim, Chicago - 15:30
with Rabbi Chaim Jachter - Rav, Shaarei Orah, Teaneck, NJ - 36:15
with Rabbi Dr. Nathan Slifkin -  Director, The Biblical Museum of Natural History, Beit Shemesh - 1:29:00

מראי מקומות


7/13/19 - Show 228 - Ethiopian Jews’ Protests Challenge Racism in Israel

Why are they protesting? Why is the young generation going off the Derech? Understanding Rav Ovadia Yosef's historic Psak in support of Ethiopian Jewish identity

**Guest hosted by Rabbi Benyamin Goldschmidt** - Assistant Rabbi, Park East Synagogue

with Rabbi Dr. Benny Lau - Rav of Ramban Shul, Author and biographer of Rav Ovadia Yosef - 11:30
with MK Pnina Tamano- Shata - First Ethiopian woman to serve as a member of Knesset (Blue & White Party) - 45:30
with Rabbi Sharon Shalom - Rav of "Kedoshei Yisroel" in Kiryat Gat - Author of "From Sinai to Ethiopia" - 1:01:30

מראי מקומות


7/6/19 - Show 227 - Sports in Halacha

Playing contact sports, going to games, following and cheering pro teams, idolizing sports heroes, Moshav Leitzim, and many other Halachos regarding sports

with Rabbi Zev Leff - Rav Moshav Matisyahu - 16:00
with Rabbi Mordechai Becher - Gateways Lecturer, Rebbe in YU - 38:25
with Rabbi Shea Chaitofsky - Menahel, Torah Ore - 1:24:15
with Rabbi Yosef Viener - Rav of Khal Sha'ar HaShomayim in Monsey - 1:38:00 

מראי מקומות


6/26/19 - Show 226 - Rabbis’ Sons Syndrome: Chessed and Kiruv at what cost? In Halacha and Haskafah

*** Guest Hosted by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz *** Rav, Beis Haknesses of North Woodmere 

with Rabbi Boruch Oberlander - Av Beis Din, Badatz D’Kehillos Hachareidim, Budapest, Hungary - 20:00
with Rabbi Shay Schachter - Rosh Bais Medrash, Young Israel of Woodmere - 48:00
with Dr. David Pelcovitz - Renowned Psychologist - 1:16:50

מראי מקומות


6/22/2019 - Show 225 - Global warming & environmental issues. What are our halachic requirements if any?

with Rabbi  Micha Cohn - Halacha writer for the Business Halachah Institute, Maggid Shiur at Yeshivah Meor Hatalmud - 27:20
with Rabbi Yehudah Hershkowitz - Talmid of Brisk, Ponovezh, Gateshead, R' Moshe Shapiro - 48:30
with Dr. Alon Tal -  Professor, Tel Aviv University's Department of Public Policy and a veteran environmental activist - 1:20:30

מראי מקומות


6/15/19 - Show 224 - Challenges faced by women in the workplace

Nivul Peh, social events, unwanted touching and conversation, and many other challenges discussed

*** Guest Hosted by Ari Wasserman *** Author of “Making it ALL Work” and 10 other Seforim, Maggid Shiur, Yerushalayim

Q&A with Rabbi Asher Weiss, world renown Posek, Av Beis Din and Rosh HaYeshiva (recorded for Making it ALL Work) - 11:00
with Rabbi Yonason Sacks – Rosh HaYeshiva, Rav of the Agudas Yisroel (Passaic), and author of 36 Seforim - 18:37
with Dr. Rivka Schwartz – educator and popular lecturer - 47:36
with Mrs. Elisheva Liss – licensed marriage and family therapist, lecturer and author - 1:16:10
with Mrs. Miriam Brilleman – head of human resources at Cushman and Wakefield - 1:35:00
Closing Chizuk from Rabbi Yissocher Frand – Rosh Yeshiva, Ner Yisroel, Baltimore - 1:58:25

מראי מקומות


6/8/19 - Show 223 - The state of Anti-Semitism Today and the partnership of Yissachar Zevulun

*** Guest Hosted by Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer *** - Rav, Dayan, and Mechaber Seforim, Yerushalayim

The Partnership of Yisschar and Zevulun: Does supporting a Yissochar patur a Zevulun from learning? Does this partnership need a shtar? Is it considered Tzedaka? What should a Zevulun learn?
with Rabbi Zev Leff - Rav, Moshav Matisyahu - 26:30

The state of Anti-Semitism Today
with Mr. Jake Turx - First frum White House Reporter, Ami Magazine Columnist - 53:00

מראי מקומות


6/1/19 - Show 222 - Extremist groups and extreme Chumros in Halacha and Haskafa and historically

with Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer - Rebbe and Maggid Shiur at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach in Monsey, NY - 17:15
with Rabbi Yehuda Aaron Horovitz - Associate Chief Rabbi of Munich, Germany - 38:20 
with Dr. Paul Offit - Pediatrician specializing in Infectious Diseases and an expert on vaccines, immunology, and virology - 57:40 
with Rabbi Yitzchok Feldheim - National Lecturer for Aish Hatorah on campuses - 1:10:30
with Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein - Torah Umesorah's Director of Publications and Communications - 1:36:30

מראי מקומות


5/25/19 - Show 221 - Extremism and Fringe Groups Part I

Effects on our image, Chinuch and Kiruv, Dangers and benefits of extremism and much more 

with Refoel Koenig - Survivor of Lev Tahor Cult - 27:50 
with Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblum - Famed writer for Mishpacha and Jerusalem Post - 43:45
with Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin - Head of Chinuch, NCSY, Columnist, Mishpacha Magazine - 1:27:45

מראי מקומות


5/18/19 - Show 220 - Training and Arming our Shuls in Halacha and Hashkafah

Muktzah, Hotza'ah, Women, Kovod Beis Haknesses, Correct to arm our communities, does it help?
Amazing story from Rabbi of Poway Chabad

with Rabbi Tzvi Ortner - Rav Cong. Linas Hatzedek, Rabbinical consultant Zman Technologies, OU Director of Halacha and Technology - 22:00
with Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein - Rav, Poway Chabad - 53:50
with Rabbi Yoel Asher Labin - Rav Toms River - 1:13:30

 מראי מקומות


5/11/19 - Show 219 - Kibbud Av in Halacha

Moving away from parents to Eretz Yisroel, When a child is Frummer, Chiyuvim of child to parent, and much more 

with Rabbi Nochum Eisenstein - Rav, Maalot Dafna, Yerushalayim
with Rabbi Dr. Benzion Sortotzkin - Psychologist, Specialized in Conflicts between Parents and Children
with Rabbi Yaakov Haber - Rav, Kehillat Shivtei Yeshurun, Ramat Beit Shemesh
with Rabbi Avrohom Weinreb - Rav, Congregation Zichron Eliezer, Cincinnati, OH

מראי מקומות


5/4/19 - Show 218 - Fundraising and Giving Tzedaka in Halacha

Tzedakah overhead, Fundraiser percentages, Flying business class, Giving publically, Tzedakah endowments, Who owns a Tzedakah, and much more..

**Guest hosted by Rabbi Benyamin Goldschmidt** - Assistant Rabbi, Park East Synagogue

with Dovid Lichtenstein - CEO - The Lightstone Group, Mechaber - Mishna Acharona on the Mishna Berura - 18:30
with HaRav Hershel Shachter - Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva University - 1:04:00
with HaRav Sholom Ber Sorotzkin - Rosh Yeshiva, Ateres Shlomo Network of Torah Institutions - 1:16:00

מראי מקומות


4/20/19 - Show 217 - Whiskey and other contemporary Chometz She’avar Alav HaPesach issues you must know

**Guest Hosted by Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman** - Editor, Yeshurun. Rav in West Side of Manhattan

Rabbi Nochum Rabinowitz - Senior Rabbinic Coordinator and Wine Expert, OU Kosher - 23:20
Rabbi Yaakov Luban - Executive Rabbinic Coordinator, OU Kosher, Rav, Ohr Torah, Edison, NJ - 1:02:00

מראי מקומות


4/13/19 - Show 216 - Genetics in Halacha; can we determine who is a Jew? Resolve mamzer cases? Be used in Beis Din?.. and much more…

*** Guest Hosted by Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer *** - Rav and Dayan in Yerushalayim, Founding Editor of Tzarich Iyun

with Rabbi Mordechai Schudrich - Chief Rabbi of Poland - 23:30
with Dr. Shai Carmi - School of Public Health, Hebrew University - 34:15
with Rabbi Ze'ev Litke - Beis Din of Harav Asher Weiss, co-author of  בירורי יהדות לאור מחקרים גנטיים, Head of Simanim Institute - 
with Rabbi Yehoram Ulman - Rosh Beis Din of Sydney, Australia - 1:34:30

מראי מקומות 


4/6/19 - Show 215 - Pesach show: should you go to a hotel? What should your concerns be before you go? The beer controversy - resolved. Quinoa - kitniyos?

with Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld with Mr. Simon Bergson - Rabbinical Coordinator, Food Service Dept., OK - Owner, Manhattan Beer Distributor 14:13
with Rabbi Eli Gerstien - Rabbinical Coordinator, OU 33:35
with Rav Nissan Kaplan - Rosh HaYeshiva, Daas Aharon, Yerushalayim 48:56
with Rabbi Nesanel Sommer - Pesach hotel Rav Hamachshir 57:30
with Rabbi Avi Juravel - Morah D'Asrah, Pesach Time Tours 1:16:06

מראי מקומות


3/30/19 - Show 214 - Obesity in the Frum World. The Rambams diet vs. the Atkins diet. Health, exercise & nutrition in Halacha.

A fascinating conversation with the Mashbak of Rav Shach regarding his Hanhagos and care for health: what made Rav Shach quit smoking? Also, where does the Rambam recommend playing Ball?

**Guest hosted by Rabbi Benyamin Goldschmidt** - Assistant Rabbi, Park East Synagogue

with Rabbi Jonathan Rietti - Noted lecturer, Mechanech, founder of BreakThroughChinuch.com 9:20
with Rabbi Yechezkel Ishayek - Mashbak of Rav Shach for 38years, Author, חיים בריאים כהלכה : To Your Health 57:00
with Mrs. Rorie Weisberg - Health Coach, Columnist at Mishpacha Magazine & Kosher.com 1:25:00
with Mrs. Hila Videl - Researcher of health in the Hareidi community and doctoral student at Haifa University 1:43:00

מראי מקומות


3/23/19 - Show 213 - Women: Should they learn? If yes, what should they learn? How to stay connected.

How frum women should survive the non Jewish workplace
Women's Role
Place of Women in Judaism - Chassidish Mehalech

with Rebbitzen Miriam Kosman - Author, "Circle, Arrow, Spiral: Exploring Gender in Judaism" - 14:50
with Rabbi Ari Wasserman - Author "Making it Work" - 49:15
with Rebbitzen Tzipporah Heller - Neve Yerushalayim, World Renowned Speaker and Author - 1:16:15
with Rabbi Nesanel Pearl - Mechanech, Khal Chassidim - 1:23:00
with Mrs. Penina Pfeiffer - Organizer, Women's Learning Groups, Yerushalayim - 2:00:00

מראי מקומות

3/16/19 - Show 212 - Credit card miles and points: Swiping for rewards, buying and selling miles, is it Assur and a Chillul Hashem or a great way for a side Parnassah?

Dealing with the possible Ribbis concerns, legalities, and dangers

with Mr. Dan Eleff - Founder, DansDeals.com - 13:25
with Rabbi Shmuel Honigwachs - Dayan, Bais HaVaad Halacha Center, Lakewood NJ - 47:00
with Rabbi Moshe Royde - Talmid of Rav Eliyahu Levine's Choshen Mishpat Kollel - 1:12:30

מראי מקומות

3/9/19 - Show 211 - If you have a limited amount of time…What should you be learning? Daf Yomi? Halacha? Chumash? Chassidus? Hashkafa? Etc..

with Rabbi Aharon Lopiansky Rosh HaYeshiva, Yeshiva of Greater Washington - 18:30
with Rabbi Elyada Goldvicht Founder, Semichas Chaver Program - 48:00
with Rabbi Yosef Glieberman Popular Daf Yomi Maggid Shiur - 1:10:00

Is YU making their own Siyum Hashas?
with R' Harry Maryles - Founder, Emes Ve'emunah blog - 1:22:00

A surprising testimony of the Skverer Rebbes on giving away Down Syndrome children.
with Rabbi Beryl Shimanowitz - Author of My Special Brother about brother with Down Syndrome - 1:32:30

מראי מקומות


3/2/19 - Show 210 - Kiruv Rechokim in a Politically Correct World: How to do Kiruv today in Halacha and Hashkafah

What to learn with someone taking their first steps in Judaism? What’s more important to learn -Tefila or Torah (in a day school that can’t accommodate both)? Could we edit what we teach?

***Guest hosted by Rabbi Benyamin Goldschmidt - Assistant Rabbi, Park East Synagogue***

Rabbi Dovid Baruch Lau - Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel - 13:00
***First English interview with the chief rabbi***
Mrs. Sivan Rahav Meir - Israeli journalist, TV and radio anchor, renowned speaker on Jewish thought and Torah - 47:00
Rabbi Dovi Scheiner - Rabbi, Soho Synagogue, Manhattan - 1:22:00

 מראי מקומות

2/23/19 - Show 209 - Dealing with children with disabilities in Halacha and Hashkafah

Keeping babies with Down syndrome or institutionalizing, Having babies after the age of 40, Abortion, Getting married and other questions

with Rabbi Dr. Avraham Steinberg - Author, Encyclopdia Refuah, Encyclopedia Talmudis, Ethics Director, Shaarei Zedek Hospital - 16:00
with Rabbi Boruch Rabinowitz - Mechanech for 37 Years, Father of a child with Downs Syndrome, Lecturer - 58:30
with Dr. Ilan Shapiro, MD - Chief Medical Officer, HOY Health, Expert on pregnancies over the age of 40 - 1:30:45
with Dr. Erin Honke, Psy.D - Clinical Neuropsychologist - 1:41:00

מראי מקומות

2/16/19 - Show 208 - Marrying for money in Halacha and Hashkafah & Preparing for a successful marriage

with Rabbi Aharon Sorcher Pt. I - Rav, Detroit, Maggid Shiur, Shas Illuminated - 13:00
with Mrs. Miriam Levitin - Shadchan in E"Y - 31:30
with Rabbi Manis Friedman - Dean of Bais Chana School, Crown Heights, Best Selling Author - 52:30
with Mrs. Michal Friedman, LCSW - Psychotherapist, OKClarity.com - 1:26:30
with Rabbi Aharon Sorcher Pt. II - Rav, Detroit, Maggid Shiur, Shas Illuminated - 1:37:45

מראי מקומות

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