12/22/18 - Shiur 200 - New York State Education Bill - Dealing with the Danger - How much, if any, secular studies should we have?

with Rabbi J.J. Schacter - Senior Scholar and Professor, Yeshiva University - 24:30
with Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zweibel - Executive Vice President, Agudath Israel of America - 48:05
with Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Kahane - Head of Machon Zichron Kehuna, Satmar Talmid - 1:21:00
with Rabbi Yoni Birnbaum - Rabbi of the Hadley Wood Jewish Community in England - 1:41:20
--- Guest Interview with Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer ---

with Mr. Abraham Biderman - Former Deputy Mayor under Ed Koch / Chairman, Shuvu

מראי מקומות

12/15/18 - Shiur 199 - A Conversation with Ben Shapiro: How Orthodox Jews Should Act Politically

Mr. Ben Shapiro - American conservative political commentator, writer, and lawyer. Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Wire - 9:50
Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir - Research Director at the Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem - 48:10   --- Guest Interview with Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer ---

מראי מקומות

12/8/18 - Shiur 198 - Gambling in Halacha

Card games, Going to a casino, Chinese auctions, Poker - what is muttar? And the dangers of gambling

with Rabbi Ari Marburger - Dayan, Bais Din Maysharim of Lakewood - 12:30
with Rabbi Dr Benzion Sorotzkin, Psy.D. - Renowned Psychologist - 44:45
with Rabbi Moshe Taub - Rabbi, Young Israel of Holliswood, Weekly Columnist, Ami Magazine - 1:25:00
with Reb Chaim from Brooklyn - Gambling addict, 21 years clean - 1:51:50

מראי מקומות

12/1/18 - Shiur 197 - Dealing with criminals and scandals: What wasn’t discussed at the Agudah Convention

Airing previous clips from Moreinu Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rav Mendel Shafran and Rav Nissan Kaplan on dealing with criminals. Should the wife and children of the criminal suffer? Should criminals be given Aliyos? What constitutes a Shul ban? And other questions

with Rabbi Dovid Tugendhaft - Rav, Bais Medrash Nishmas Yisroel, London, England - 18:35
with Mr. David Greenfield - CEO, Met Council - 42:50
with Rabbi Yuval Cherlow - Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivat Hesder Amit Orot Shaul in Kfar Batya, Raanana, Israel - 1:13:30
with Rabbi Zvi Weiss - Rav, Bais Haknesses Ohr HaChaim, Baltimore, Maryland - 1:35:00
with Previously aired clips from the Gedolim - 1:49:25

מראי מקומות

11/24/18 - Shiur 196 - Bais Din Challenges Today

--- Guest Hosted by Rabbi Yehosua Pfeffer ---

Should batei din give reasons in decisions? Should there be appeals? Can they handle issues of corporate law? What are the advantages of bais din system?

Rabbi Tzvi Gartner - Av Beis Din, Darchei Torah, Yerushalayim & Vaad Hadin V'Horaah, New City - 27:30
Rabbi Shmuel Binyomin Honigwachs - Dayan, Beis Havaad, Lakewood - 54:50
Mr. Tuvya Stern - Attorney and To'en in Batei Din and Courts, Israel - 1:22:20

מראי מקומות

11/17/18 - Shiur 195 - Vaccinations Week 2

Debates about their dangers and what does Halacha say a parent must do.

with Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss - Rav, Agudas Yisroel of Staten Island - 24:30
with Mr. Del Bigtree Founder, Informed Consent Action Network - 53:20
with Dr. Howard Zucker, MD, JD - Commisioner of Health, New York State - 1:46:40
with Dr. Allan Wercberger, MD - Pediatrician, Monroe, NY - 2:06:50
with Dr. Richard Roberts, MD, Ph.D. - CEO and Chairman, URL Pharma - 2:20:10

מראי מקומות

11/10/18 - Shiur 194 - Vaccinations

Does Halacha obligate a parent to vaccinate? Are you a rodef if you don't? An expose with the worlds greatest experts...

with Rabbi Sruli Fried, MSW - Regional Director, Chai Lifeline NJ and PA
with Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz - International Lecturer and Author of note
with Brian S. Hooker, PhD, PE - Epidemiologist, Associate Professor of Biology at Simpson University
with Dr. Nochum Indich M.D. - Pediatrician, Lakewood, NJ
with Rabbi Yitzchok Gottesman - Anti-Vaccination Advocate
with Mr. Joey Aaron Esq. - Attorney at Law Specializing in Religious Discrimination

מראי מקומות

11/3/18 - Shiur 193 - The Pittsburgh Tragedy: A discussion of the correct approach and its lessons. A Halachick analysis of guns on Shabbos and in Shuls

Clips from Rabbis Aderet, Brog and Weinberger and Discussion of dealing with the Conservative Synagogue massacre

with Rabbi Shimon Silver - Rav, Young Israel of Greater Pittsburgh - 38:05
with Rabbi Shuey Biston - Rav, Chabad of Parkland, FL - 1:21:55
with Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld - Rav, Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, VP, Coalition for Jewish Values - 1:28:35
with Mr. Ben Goldstein - Head of Akrav Security, Emergency responder in Gush Etzion - 1:44:45

מראי מקומות

10/27/18 - Shiur 192 - Dating in Halacha

Correct amount of dates, Yichud, Yichus, How do you know when it’s right? And many other common shailos
with Rabbi Aharon Sorscher - Rav, Posek, Maggid Shiur, Shas Illuminated - 19:25
with Rabbi Yoel Asher Labin - Rav, Toms River, Columnist - 1:02:40
with Rabbi Benzion Shafier - Founder, TheShmuz.com, Author, Lecturer - 1:27:25

מראי מקומות

10/20/18 - Shiur 191 - Marijuana in Halacha

with Rabbi Moshe Elefant - COO, OU Kosher - 27:30
with Rabbi Mendel Kaplan - Executive Director, Chabad Flamingo, Thornhill Ontario - 36:10
with Mr. Tom Gagliano, MSW - Addictions Expert, Speaker, Coach - 1:00:14
with Rabbi Yehuda Fensterszaub - Associate Fellow, Hollywood Community Kollel - 1:15:00

מראי מקומות

10/13/18 - Shiur 190 - Brett Kavanaugh - What would Halacha say on rumors and removing a Dayan or Rav?

Neemanus of a woman, What is considered a proper "kol"?, Believing an Eid Echad.

with Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz - Rabbi, Kehilath Jeshurun, NYC - 17:30
with Rabbi Avrohom Kahan - Founder, Bais Din Vaad Hadin V’horaah, Rav, Congregation Khal New City - 45:30
with Dayan Elimelech Vanzetta - Rav and Dayan, Edgeware, England, Av Bais Din, Santiago, Chile - 1:14:00
with Meir Seewald - Founder, Jewish Community Watch - 1:45:00

מראי מקומות

10/6/18 - Shiur 189 - Psychology vs. Torah Hashkafah - Does it Shtim? 3 Professional Views

Are the values of modern psychology incompatible with Torah values? Should we study psychology at secular academic institutions, and rely on therapists who were trained there? What are some specific areas of conflict? And how should we look at the entry of the psychological discipline into our communities and institutions?

*** Guest Hosted by Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer ***

with Rabbi Yehudah Herskovitz - Psychology and Torah Researcher, Torah Journal Author - 12:05
with Dr. Dovid Lieberman, Ph.D - Award-Winning Author and Psychologist - 53:45
with Rabbi Dr. Avidan Milevsky - Professor, Ariel University and Psychologist in Beit Shemesh - 1:23:40

מראי מקומות

9/22/18 - Shiur 188 - Contemporary Sukkos Shailos Everyone Needs to Know

Showering on Y"T, Sleeping in the Sukkah, How much to spend on Arba Minim, Using Plastic Ties for Schach, Sitting in Sukkah on Shmini Atzeres and many more..

*** Guest Hosted by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz ***

with Rabbi Shay Tahan - Rav, Cong. Ohel Moshe, Brooklyn, Dayan, AskHalacha.com Editor
with Rabbi Yitzchok Eizik Silver - Rosh Bais Horaah, Yerushalayim

מראי מקומות

9/15/18 - Shiur 187 - A Fascinating New Approach to the י”ג מדות של רחמים: How to Forgive

Stories and Inspiration

with Rabbi YY Jacobson - Dean and Rosh HaYeshiva of Yeshiva.net
with Dr. David Pelcovitz - Renowned Psychologist
with Rabbi Benzion Klatzko - Founder, Shabbat.com
with Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky - Author and Speaker

מראי מקומות

9/8/18 - Shiur 186 - Navigating the Yomim Noraim - A New Approach

How do we remain functional despite a justified fear? Can we grow from year to year even as our deeds stay the same? What is the thread that ties together Malchus, Shofar, and Din?

*** Guest Hosted by Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer Rav, Dayan, and Mechaber Seforim, Yerushalayim ***

Rabbi Reuven Leuchter - From the leading Mashgichim, Rosh Kolel, Talmid Muvhak of HaRav Shlomo Wolbe zt"l - 12:00
Rabbi Yitzchok Feldheim - Noted Lecturer and Renowned Ba'al Machshava - 49:00

מראי מקומות

9/1/18 - Shiur 185 - Shalom Bayis: Hear our Greatest Experts

Making a better Marriage, When a Spouse is not on same level of Yiras Shamayim, Dealing with in-laws, Lying for Shalom Bayis, Shalom bayis vs Halacha - What comes first? And much more...

with Rabbi Zev Leff - Rav, Moshav Matisyahu, Author of "Shemoneh Esrei: The Depth and Beauty of Our Daily Tefillah" - 16:20
with Rabbi Nissan Kaplan - Rosh Yeshiva, Daas Aron, Mechaber of Shalamei Nissan, Birchas Chassanim - 47:30
with Dr. Meir Wikler, DSW - Psychotherapist and Family Counselor - 1:01:10
with Mrs. Slovei Jungreis-Wolff - Noted teacher, Author, Leader of Hineni Couples - 1:42:00

מראי מקומות

8/25/18 - Shiur 184 - Chinuch Habanos - Today’s Pressing Shaalos

Seminary in Israel, Going to College, How much to Teach? A heated debate - Is the old or new model correct? And much more...

with Rabbi Shmuel Feurst - Dayan, Agudath Yisroel of Illinois - 12:05
with Rabbi Schneur Aisenstark - Dean, Beth Jacob Seminary of Montreal - 14:50
with Dr. Leslie Klein - Academic Dean, Maalot Baltimore - 34:00
with Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky - Internationally Acclaimed Lecturer and Educator - 1:01:30
with Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein -Director, Torah Umesorah - 1:33:30

מראי מקומות

8/18/18 - Show 183 - Racism in the Frum World: What does Halacha and Hashkafah say?

Using deragatory names? What is our Attitude towards Goyim? What does Halacha BiYaduah Eisav Soneh Es Yaakov mean? Etc..

with Rabbi Asher Yoel Labin - Rav, Toms River, Columnist - 20:00
with Rabbi Mayer Schiller - Author, Lecturer, Spokesperson for Skver Community, New Square - 51:00
with Rabbi Mordechai Yitzchok Friedman - Talmid of Rav Moshe, Keysmaker Rav, Rav Forhand - 1:21:30
with Mah Nishtanah - Teacher, Rabbi, Lecturer - 1:51:30

מראי מקומות

8/11/18 - Shiur 182 - Intimacy in Halacha — Guest Hosted by Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer

--- Disclaimer: For Married People Only ---
What does Halacha tell us on how to conduct our marriage? An In Depth Discussion
Guest Hosted by Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer - Rav, Dayan, and Mechaber Seforim, Yerushalayim

with Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, LCSW - President, Nefesh International - The International Network
of Orthodox Mental Health Professionals - 13:25
with Rabbi Gideon Weitzman - Director, Puah Institute / Rabbi, Merkaz Modi’in Synagogue, Modi'in, Israel - 1:01:40
with Rabbi Manis Friedman - Author, Doesn't Anyone Blush Anymore? Reclaiming Modesty, Intimacy and Sexuality - 1:17:45

מראי מקומות

8/4/18 - Shiur 181 - Hilchos Maaser

Does Tuition Count? Supporting a son-in-law? Fundraisers? Aliyos? And Many other common Shailos...

Rabbi Yosef Fleishman - Rosh Kollel of Kollel Choshen Mishpat in Yerushalayim, Beis Din Tzedek Nesivos Chaim - 12:30
Rabbi Eli Katz - Author, "Easy Giving" on Tzedakah and Maaser Kesofim - 46:00
Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Feuer - Rosh Yeshiva of Mesoras Mordechai, Ramat Beit Shemesh - 1:25:30

מראי מקומות

7/28/18 - Shiur 180 - Being frum in the Workplace: Halachik Issues — Guest Hosted by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz

Shaking hands with the opposite gender, Going to holiday parties, Meetings in non-Kosher Restaurants, Being an Ohr Lagoyim, Websites on Shabbos, And much more..

Rabbi Ari Wasserman - Author, Making It Work - A Practical Guide to Halacha in the Workplace - 3:00
Rabbi Yosef Kushner - Author, Commerce and Shabbos and Commerce and Issurei Hanaah - 54:30
Dr. Giela Gellis - Optometrist - 1:32:50

מראי מקומות

7/21/18 - Shiur 179 - The Holocaust: Why? The Different Shittos

What is the message for us today according to the many opinions?

with Rabbi Yaakov Feitman - Rav, Kehilas Bais Yehuda Zvi, Cedarhurst, Talmid of Rav Hutner Z"L - 12:00
with Rabbi Simon Jacobson - Author, Sichos Kodesh of The Lubavitcher Rebbe and "Towards a Meaningful Life" - 29:45
with Rabbi Elyahu Brog - Rav, Bais Yisroel Torah Center - 47:30
with Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Kahane - Menahel, R' Meir Baal Haneis, Williamsburg, Satmar Talmid - 1:11:00
with Rabbi Moshe Taragin - R"M Yeshiva Gush Etzyon - 1:35:00
with Mrs. Ebstein - Holocaust Survivor - 1:55:00

מראי מקומות

7/14/18 - Shiur 178 - Hilchos kibbud Av Va’Eim: How much and when?

Dealing with abusive parents. Dealing with elderly parents. Must one spend money? When does a child not have to listen?

Rabbi Yitzchok Eizik Silver - Rosh Bais Horaah, Yerushalayim - 16:40
Dr. Benzion Sorotzkin - Psychologist, Specialized in Conflicts between Parents and Children - 43:30:00
Rabbi Yehuda Kelemer - Rav, Young Israel of West Hempstead - 1:23:25
Rabbi Yosef Viener - Rav, K'hal Sha'ar HaShomayim, Monsey - 1:56:30

מראי מקומות

7/7/18 - Shiur 177 - Music in Halacha

Music in 3 weeks and Downloading Copyright Music
Kol Isha Ervah - On radio? In group? And more...

with Rabbi Doniel Neustadt - Rav, Pine River Village - 12:10
with Rabbi Chaim Jachter - Rav, Shaarei Orah, Teaneck - 32:40:00
with Rabbi Elisha Sandler - Mashgiach Ruchani, Yehiva Shar Yashuv, Author, "Through Music and Song" - 49:10:00
with Chazzan Sherwood Goffin - Chazzan, Lincoln Square Synagogue, Noted Jewish Historian - 1:08:45
with Rabbi Boruch Levine - Rebbi, World-Famous Composer and Singer - 1:49:10
with Riddle Winner Announcements - 2:06:15

מראי מקומות

6/30/18 - Shiur 176 - Vacations in Halacha

Sitting next to a women on an airplane; Making a minyan on an airplane; Going somewhere with no minyan; Siblings going swimming together; What can you buy without a Hechsher?; Traveling to Alaska or Hawaii - When do you keep Shabbos? And Much More...

with Rabbi Yisroel Taplin - BMG - 14:00:00
with Rabbi Sholom Fishbane - Director, AKO & CRC - 34:00:00
with Rabbi Gideon Weitzman - Rav in Modiin and Posek for PUAH - 104:30:00
with Rabbi Yehudah Herzl Henkin - Posek and Rav in Eretz Yisroel - 120:00:00
with Rabbi Chaim Boruch Horowitz - Rosh Chaburah, Mir Yerushalayim - 123:35:00
with Rabbi Shimon Zaideh - Mohel & Shochet, Williamsburg - 137:30:00
with Rabbi Yehuda Leib Weiner - Senior Rabbi, Cedars - Sinai Medical Center, LA - 148:50:00

מראי מקומות

6/23/18 - Shiur 175 - Geirim - Should we accept them or is the Syrian edict the correct model?

Vihavtem Es Hager at What Price? Hafka'as Kiddushin Controversy in Eretz Yisroel

HaRav Nochum Eisenstein - Rav of Maalot Dafna, Yerushalayim / Rosh L'Vaad HaRabbonim L'Inyanei Giyur - 16:00
HaRav Yitzchok Dwek - Rosh Kollel, Ohr HaBitachon / Author, A Life of Bitachon - 51:10:00
Rabbi Yitzchok Fuchs - Rav of Community of Geirim, Mexico - 119:35:00

מראי מקומות

6/16/18 - Shiur 174 - Talking to your Children about Summer Camp (and Life) Dangers

with Harav Yaakov Ephraim Forscheimer - Senior Posek, Beis Medrash Govoha - 14:15
with Dr. Reuvain Shanik - Pediatrician, Lakewoood NJ - 23:40
with Rabbi Aharon Sorscher - Maggid Shiur, Shas Illuminated, Father of victim of camp abuse - 25:10:00
with Mrs. Debbie Fox, LCSW - Torah Umesorah Rep. for Abuse - 32:30:00
with Rabbi YY Rubinstein - Author and Lecturer - 42:10:00
With Dr. Hylton Lytman, MD - Pediatrician, Far Rockaway, NY - 48:15:00
with HaRav Dovid Cohen- Rav, Gvul Yaavetz, Brooklyn, NY - 1:00:45

מראי מקומות

6/9/18 - Shiur 173 - Shechitah today: Chassidisher, Bais Yosef and Litvish - Is there a difference? What is important? An expose

with Rabbi Chaim Boruch Kushner - Shochet for over 25 Years - 14:50
with Rabbi Yudel Shain - Rav Hamachshir - 30:15
with Rabbi Boruch Mordechai Spiegal - Rav in Lakewood and Shochet - 104:30:00
with Rabbi Yitzchok Yosef Deren - Lubavitch Shochet - 119:20:00
with Rabbi Boruch Epstein - Owner, Epstein Meats | Askan - 139:40:00

מראי מקומות


6/2/18 - Shiur 172 - Guest Hosted by Shadchan Freddy Friedman and Elchonon Schwartz, LMHC

Owning Businesses in Halacha and Hashkafa: People who are making a difference

with Rabbi Yosef Kushner (with Nesanel Davis and Shimon Webster) - Dayan in Lakewood, Mechaber Sefer Commerce and Shabbos- 7:20
with Mr. Sol Werdiger - Chairman, Agudath Israel, Chairman, Ichud Mosdos Gur, Chairman of Refuah- 40:12:00

מראי מקומות

5/26/18 - Shiur 171 - The Great 250 Year Machlokes about Torah Lishma

Nefesh HaChaim vs. The Baal HaTanya Revisited

with Rabbi Yehoshua Hartman - Rosh Beis HaMedrash at Hasmonean, London - Publisher, Sifrei Maharal - 28:15
with Rabbi Nochum Greenwald - Rav, Chabad Lakewood, Mechaber Seforim - 1:02:15
with Rabbi Yitzchok Feldheim - Renowned Baal Machshava National Lecturer - 1:46:30
with Rabbi Shulem Greenstein - Rosh Bais Horaah Bircas Asher, Dayan Bobov 45 - 2:12:00

מראי מקומות

5/12/18 - Shiur 170 - The Torah Hashkafah of Dealing with People with Alternative Lifestyles

with Rabbi Chaim Rappaport Director Machon  Mayim Chayim, London - 21:00
with Rabbi Yehuda Levin Talmid of R Avigdor Miller, Rabbi, Khal Mevakshei Hashem - 1:11:00

מראי מקומות

5/5/18 - Shiur 169 - Hilchos Tzniyus and Hair Covering - How much?

What is halacha? What is Chumrah? What is minhag?

with Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer Dayan, Kollel Choshen Mishpat, Yerushalayim - 27:15
with Rabbi Boruch Oberlander Chief Rabbi,Budapest, Hungary, Mechaber Seforim - 110:48
with Harry Maryles Emes Ve'emunah blog - 1264:13
Winner of Last week's Riddle - 139:06

מראי מקומות

4/28/18 - Shiur 168 - The Return of the Shaitel Controversy - Part II

The Return of the Shaitel Controversy - Part II

Synopsis of Previous Week's Show - 5:40
with Rabbi Eli Bohm - Editor, Halacha Berurah - 34:30
with Krishna Atarya - Indian priest - 1:00:40
with Rabbi Lazer Pashkez - Klausenberg Mashpia - 108:00
with Mrs. Berger - Tonsuring Expert - 142:00

מראי מקומות

4/21/18 - Shiur 167 - The Return of the Shaitel Controversy

Does new research make them Takruvei Avodah Zorah?

Rabbi Tzvi Weissman - Teacher, Tarbut v'Torah Community Day School - Baal Teshuva who spent 6 years in India - 14:40
Rabbi Shmuel Yitzchak Friedman - Mechaber Seforim - 45:00
Professor Emma Tarlo - Professor of Anthropology, University of London - 1:15:15
Rabbi Mordechai Kuber - Rav, Nachlas Tzvi Ohel Avraham,Telz Stone - 1:29:10

מראי מקומות

4/14/18 - Shiur 166 - The Big Beer Controversy in the Tri-State Area - Is it Chametz Shevar Alav HaPesach?

Mechiras chometz of Non-frum owned chometz - does it work?

with Rabbi Moshe Elefant COO, OU Kosher- 15:15
with Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld Rabbinic Coordinator – Food Service Department, OK Kosher- 36:00
with Rabbi Sholom Tendler Kashrus Administrator, Star-K- 59:30

מראי מקומות

3/28/18 - Shiur 165 - What is the proper Shiur of a Keziyas — Torah thoughts on Pesach from Dovid Lichtenstein

How much Matzah must one eat, Pesach in depth
10 Halachik Shailos/riddles to debate on Pesach

with Rabbi Hadar Margolin - A noted Mechaber Seforim and Ra"m in Yerushalayim 

מראי מקומות

3/24/18 - Shiur 164 - The Best of Headlines on Pesach

A Pesach Message from HaRav Dovid Cohen Shlit"a
HaRav Dovid Cohen - Rav, Gvul Yaavetz - 14:55

Medicines/Tairuvos - What is really Chametz?
Rabbi Dovid Heber - Kashrus Administrator, Star K - 21:45
Rabbi Gershon Bess - Rov Congregation Kehilas Yaakov, Los Angeles - 37:10

Machine vs. Shmurah Matzah
Rabbi Boruch Hirshfeld - Posek, Mora D'asra Kollel Ateris Chaim Boruch, Torah LIFE Institute, Cleveland - 48:10
Rabbi Yosef Viener - Rav of Khal Sha'ar HaShomayim in Monsey - 52:00

Family Planning Pt. II
HaRav Hershel Schachter - Rosh Yeshiva & Rosh Kollel YU, Leading Posek of OU - 58:20
Rabbi Nochum Eisenstein - Rav of Maalot Dafna, Talmid of Rav Elyashiv - 64:15

מראי מקומות

3/17/18 - Shiur 163 - Gun Control in Halacha

Can a Jew own a gun shop? Should Israel be selling weapons to other countries?

with Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz - Senior Rabbi, Kehillas Yeshurun, Manhattan - 15:55
with Rabbi Steven Pruzansky - Rav, Cong. Bnai Yeshurun, Teaneck / Senior Rav, Coalition for Jewish Values - 42:50
with Rabbi Aryeh Leibowitz - Rav, Bais Haknesses of North Woodmere - 104:45

מראי מקומות

3/10/18 - Show 162 - Shavers and Beards Pt. II and Teaching Controversial Subjects in Yeshivos

A spirited debate, are today's shavers muttar? Can we censor parts of the Torah to our youth?

with Rabbi Hillel Litwack - Ezras Torah Director of Synagogue Affairs, Luach Editor - 22:15
with Rabbi Shalom Applebaum - Rosh Yeshiva, Tiferes Chaim, Yerushalayim - 133:40

מראי מקומות

3/3/18 - Show 161 - Beards and Shaving in Halacha

What is the inyan to have a beard? Are shavers muttar?

with Rabbi Moshe Taub - Rav, Young Israel of Holliswood - 9:45
with Rabbi Nochum Eisenstein - Rav, Maalot Dafna, Yersuahalayim - Close Talmid of Rav Elyashiv Z"L - 36:30
with Rabbi Boruch Oberlander - Chabad Rav and Av Bais Din, Budapest - 42:20
with Rabbi Moshe Aharon Kahane - Head of Machon Zichron Kehuna - 1:29:00

מראי מקומות


2/28/18 - Show 160 - Torah for Purim from R’ Dovid Lichtenstein

Torah for Purim from R' Dovid Lichtenstein 
4 short thoughts for purim

מראי מקומות


2/24/18 - Show 159 - Feminism in Hashkafa & Halacha

Feminism in Hashkafa & Halacha

with Rebbetzin Miriam Kosman - Author of "Circle, Arrow, Spiral: Exploring Gender in Judaism" - 19:00
with Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld - Rabbi, Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills - 49:20
with Professor Sarah Rindner - Professor, Landers College for Women - 108:20
with Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer - Rabbinic Coordinator, OU Kosher - 138:00

מראי מקומות

2/17/18 - Show 158 - Curriculum in Yeshivos and Seminaries: Are parts of the Torah not meant to be taught to our youth? — Secular Subjects in Yeshivas Part II

Secular Subjects in Yeshivas Part II
with Dr. Alan Kadish - President, Touro College and Machon L'Parnassah - 28:05
with Rabbi Dovid Beyda - Principal, Ma'or Yeshiva High School for Boys - 42:35

Curriculum in Yeshivos and Seminaries: Are parts of the Torah not meant to be taught to our youth?
with Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Kahane - Rav, Rav Meir Baal HaNeis, Rosh Machon Zichron Kehuna - 101:50
with Rabbi Moshe Broyde - Direcor, Limudei Yisroel Institute - 105:40

מראי מקומות

2/10/18 - Show 157 - One Thousand Dollar Sandwich - Is it Kosher? — Secular Subjects in Yeshivas

One Thousand Dollar Sandwich - Is it Kosher?
with Rabbi Aryeh Leibowitz - Rav of Beis Haknesses of North Wookmere - 16:15

Secular Subjects in Yeshivas
with Rabbi Gedalya Weinberger - Chairman, PCS - Chairman Emeritus, Agudas Yisroel - 33:30
with HaRav Shmuel Kamenetzky Shlit"a - Rosh HaYeshiva, Philadelphia - 54:20
with HaRav Dovid Yosef Shlit"a - Rav, Har Nof - Member, Moetzet Chachmei HaTorah - 55:20
with HaRav Mendel Shafran - Av Beis Din Hayashar V'hatov Yerushalayim, Rosh Yeshiva Noam Hatorah Bnei Brak - 106:30
with HaRav Nissan Kaplan - R"M Yeshivas Mir, Yerushalayim - 58:00
with HaRav Hershel Schachter - Rosh Yeshiva, Yitzchok Elchonon, Leading Posek for OU Kosher - 107:45
with HaRav Nochum Eisenstein - Rav in Maalot Dafna, Talmid of Rav Elyashiv - 110:40
with HaRav Zalman Gifter - Rav, Nesivos Mordechai Toms River, NJ - 122:50
with HaRav Mayer Schiller - Spokesperson for New Square - 136:15

מראי מקומות

2/3/18 - Show 156 - Simcha: Should happiness be our end goal? What it is and how to achieve it

Simcha: Should happiness be our end goal? What it is and how to achieve it

with Rabbi Moshe Weinberger - Rav, Aish Kodesh, Woodmere - Mashgiach Ruchani, Yitzchok Elchonon - 9:00
with Rabbi YY Jacobson - International Mashpia - 38:50
with Rabbi Shmuel Shtern - Rosh Yeshiva, Breslov, Meah Shearim - 118:20
with Rabbi Kalman Goldschmidt - Breslov Mashpia - 137:15
with Dr. David Lieberman - Psychologist & Author - 148:00

מראי מקומות

1/27/18 - Show 155 - When to go to a Rav & When to a Therapist: Preparing Future Rabbonim

When to go to a Rav & When to a Therapist: Preparing Future Rabbonim

with HaRav Hershel Schachter - Rosh Yeshiva, Yitzchok Elchonon, Leading Posek for OU Kosher
with Dr. David Pelcovitz - Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus Chair in Psychology and Jewish Education at Yeshiva University's Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration
with Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Schwartz - Rav, Cong. Adath Israel / Clinical Director, Center for Anxiety Relief
with Rabbi Larry Rothwaks - Rabbi, Cong. Beth Aaron, Teaneck and Director of Professional Rabbinics, Yitzchak Elchonon

מראי מקומות

1/20/18 - Show 154 - Genetic Testing in Halacha

Genetic Testing in Halacha

with HaRav Hershel Schachter - Rosh Yeshiva, Yitzchok Elchonon, Leading Posek for OU Kosher
with HaRav Shmuel Feurst - Dayan, Agudath Yisroel of Illinois
with Mr. Nechemia Krausz - Father of two children with Muscular Dystrophy
with Dr. Daniel Eisenberg - Professor of Medicine, Jefferson Medical School, Lecturer on Refuah and Halacha
with Rabbi Gideon Weitzman - Director of the Puah Institute for Fertility and Medicine in Accordance with Halacha in Israel

מראי מקומות

1/13/18 - Show 153 - Halachos of Birchas Hagomel — Rubashkin: is all the celebrating appropriate?

Halachos of Birchas Hagomel --- Rubashkin: is all the celebrating appropriate?

with Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer - Dayan in Yerushalayim, Rav in Ramot - 14:25
with Rabbi Yosef Gabriel Bechoffer - Famed Speaker and Author - 54:30:00
with Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz - Founder, Yeshiva Darchei Noam, Founder, Project Yes - 105:15:00
with R' Gary Apfel - Lead Lawyer for Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin - 115:45:00
with Rabbi Yisroel Langer - Rabbinic Coordinator, CRC - 144:30:00

מראי מקומות

1/6/18 - Show 152 - Kevurah in Eretz Yisroel - Is it important? And at what cost?

Kevurah in Eretz Yisroel - Is it important? And at what cost?

with Rabbi Doniel Neustadt - Rav, Pine River Village Shul, Lakewood - Yoshev Rosh of the Vaad Harabbonim of Detroit - 8:20
with Rabbi Avrohom Cohen - Rav, Ohaiv Yisroel, Monsey - Former Editor, Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society - 23:45
with Rabbi Elchonon Zohn - President, National Assoc. of Chevra Kadisha - 43:35:00

מראי מקומות

12/30/17 Shiur 151 - Kiddush Hashem — Nachal Chareidi Part III

Kiddush Hashem --- Nachal Chareidi Part II
with Eli Beer - Founder, United Hatzalah, Israel - 9:20
with HaRav Yehoshua Eicheinstein - Talmid of Rav Shteinman, Rosh Yeshiva Yad Aharon, Yerushalayim - 102:20:00
with Rabbi Tzvi Klebenow - Founder, Nachal Chareidi - 110:05:00
with Rabbi Akiva Marks - Parent of Nachal Chareidi soldier - 119:00:00

מראי מקומות

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