1/26/19 - Shiur 205 - Kashrus In Eretz Yisroel and Kashrus Part III

with Rabbi Moshe Katz - Editor, kosharot.co.il 22:55
with Rabbi Shmuel Weiner - Rav Hamachshir ZNT Kosher, Yerushalayim 1:03:30
with Rabbi Dr. Avrom Pollak, PH.D. - President , Star-K Kosher, Baltimore 1:26:50
with Rabbi Zvi Holland - Kashrus Administrator/Director of Special Projects, Star-K

מראי מקומות

1/19/19 - Shiur 204 - Being Frum in academia: How to make it work

*** Guest Hosted by Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer ***

What are the dangers and challenges of academia today? How can we strengthen ourselves and our children to navigate them? Is academia diametrically opposed to a Torah life? A discussion with expert and experienced rabbis and academics

with Rabbi Yitzchok Feldheim - National Lecturer for Aish HaTorah on Campuses - 16:55
with Rabbi Nechemya Steinberger - Head of Charedi Academy at Hebrew University - 54:00
with Rabbi Yehuda Hershkovitz - Rabbi and Author, Jerusalem - 1:16:55
with Rabbi Dr. Ilan Fuchs - Academic Researcher at Ariel and Brandeis Universities - 1:38:20
with Prof. Chaim Sukenik - President of Jerusalem College of Technology - 2:02:00

מראי מקומות


1/12/19 - Shiur 203 - Kashrus Expose Part II: Dealing with the issues and transparency from the world’s Kashrus Experts

with Rabbi Chezky Auerbach Kashrus Administrator, KSA, Rav Hamachshir, NPGS 16:30

with Rabbi Ari Senter - Rabbinical Administrator, Kof-K - 52:00

with An Experienced Mashgiach - Veteran Mashgiach for many organizations - 1:21:15

with Rabbi Shmuel Spiegal - Mashgiach for Major Kashrus Agencies - 1:41:00

מראי מקומות

1/5/19 - Shiur 202 - Kashrus today: Can Chassidisher hechsheirim do what the large organizations do today? What hechsher is good and how do we know? China: A Kashrus nightmare

with Rabbi Moshe Elefant - COO, OU Kosher - 12:55
with Rabbi Yisroel Halberstam - Rav Hamachshir, SKS - 57:00
with Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Weisner - Rav Hamachshir, KCL - 1:34:00

מראי מקומות

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