2/23/19 - Shiur 209 - Dealing with children with disabilities in Halacha and Hashkafah

Keeping babies with Down syndrome or institutionalizing, Having babies after the age of 40, Abortion, Getting married and other questions

with Rabbi Dr. Avraham Steinberg - Author, Encyclopdia Refuah, Encyclopedia Talmudis, Ethics Director, Shaarei Zedek Hospital - 16:00
with Rabbi Boruch Rabinowitz - Mechanech for 37 Years, Father of a child with Downs Syndrome, Lecturer - 58:30
with Dr. Ilan Shapiro, MD - Chief Medical Officer, HOY Health, Expert on pregnancies over the age of 40 - 1:30:45
with Dr. Erin Honke, Psy.D - Clinical Neuropsychologist - 1:41:00

מראי מקומות

2/16/19 - Shiur 208 - Marrying for money in Halacha and Hashkafah & Preparing for a successful marriage

with Rabbi Aharon Sorcher Pt. I - Rav, Detroit, Maggid Shiur, Shas Illuminated - 13:00
with Mrs. Miriam Levitin - Shadchan in E"Y - 31:30
with Rabbi Manis Friedman - Dean of Bais Chana School, Crown Heights, Best Selling Author - 52:30
with Mrs. Michal Friedman, LCSW - Psychotherapist, OKClarity.com - 1:26:30
with Rabbi Aharon Sorcher Pt. II - Rav, Detroit, Maggid Shiur, Shas Illuminated - 1:37:45

מראי מקומות

2/9/19 - Shiur 207 - Contemporary Bishul Akum and Yoreh Deah questions

**Guest Hosted by Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman** Editor, Yeshurun. Rav in West Side of Manhattan

Highlights of the Agudah Yarchei Kallah. Is Starbucks a bishul akum issue? Microwaves? And much more

with Rabbi Doniel Neustadt Rav, Pine Rive Village, Lakewood 27:15
with Rabbi Eli Gerstein Rabbinical Coordinator, OU 1:32:30

מראי מקומות

2/2/19 - Shiur 206 - Leaving Kollel: When is the right time?

Dealing with the transition: The Torah Hashkafah
with HaRav Aaron Lopiansky - Rosh HaYeshiva, Yeshiva of Greater Washington - 25:30
with HaRav Dovid Cohen - Leading posek in America, Rav, G'vul Yaavetz - 1:28:00

מראי מקומות

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