11/30/19 - Shiur 248 - Dealing with corruption and abuse of Toanim in Beis Din

Can one go to court when faced with a corrupt Toen or Beis Din? Should we allow Toanim in Beis Din? Is the system in Eretz Yisroel the correct model?

with Rabbi Dovid Cohen Shlit"a - Rov of Gvul Yaavetz, Leadining Poseik in America - 16:00
with Rabbi Yudel Shain - Bais Din consultant - 24:30
with Rabbi Simcha Roth - Renowned Toen - 47:30 
with Rabbi Tuvya Stern, Esq. - Attorney & Toen in Eretz Yisroel - 1:46:00
with Rabbi Ephraim Goldfein, Esq - Senior Partner, Goldfein and Joseph - 2:17:00
with Rabbi Yaakov Rappaport, Esq - Partner, Yuspeh Rappaport Law - 2:36:00

מראי מקומות


11/23/19 - Shiur 247 - “Broken Engagements” in Halachah, Hashkafah and Psychology.

Why are there so many broken engagements nowadays? How can they be avoided? Does the one who breaks the shidduch get penalized? Do the ring, sheitel and other gifts need to be returned? Who pays the costs which were committed to (wedding hall, photographer, band, make-up artist)? Does the Shadchan need to return the Shadchanus?

** Guest Hosted by Ari Wasserman ** Author of “Making it Work,” “Making it ALL Work” (for women) and 10 other Seforim, Maggid Shiur, Yerushalayim

with Rabbi Rabbi Yitzchok Breitowitz – Renowned Posek and Senior Lecturer at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach - 11:15
with Mrs. Elisheva Liss – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Lecturer and Author - 57:30 
with "Sarah" – to discuss her broken engagement - 1:32:00 
with Rabbi Dr. Jack Cohen – Renowned Shidduch and Shalom Bayis Coach - 1:50:00

מראי מקומות


11/16/19 - Shiur 246 - Beis Din - Do Toanim serve a Purpose?

Is there an affordable way to go to Beis Din? How do outcomes and costs compare to the court system? How to identify a reputable Beis Din vs. a rouge Beis Din etc.

with Rabbi Herschel Shachter - Rosh Yeshivah, YU - 24:00 
with Rabbi Zalam Graus - Renowned Toen & Dayan, Mechaber Seforim - 29:00 
with Rabbi Avrohom Kahn - Dayan & Founder Bais Din Vaad Hadin V’horaah, Rav of Congregation Khal New City - 1:06:00

מראי מקומות


11/9/10 - Shiur 245 - Women’s Hatzolah Ezras Noshim

Is it good or is it putting women's lives at risk?

with Rabbi Herschel Shachter - Rosh Yeshivah, YU - 18:15
with Rabbi Yaakov Zaideh - Dayan of Vizhnitz - 23:50
with Simcha Shain - Hatzolah Veteran Paramedic, CEO Paraflight - 30:30

מראי מקומות


11/2/19 - Shiur 244 - Employment Law in Halacha

Is it ever Muttar to fire a Rav, a Rebbi or employee? Non competes, Contracts, Severance, How to hire employees and much more... 

with Rabbi Dovid Grossman - Rosh Bais HaVaad, Lakewood, NJ - 28:45
with Rabbi Yosef Fleischman -Rosh Kollel of Kollel Choshen Mishpat in Yerushalayim, Beis Din Tzedek Nesivos Chaim - 50:30

מראי מקומות


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