4/25/20 - Shiur 269 - Divorces and Parent Alienation: What’s the Halacha and Hashkafic Approach

How should a person deal with deal with parental alienation? What mistakes are being made? Divorce in the frum community, protecting the children, Bais Din vs secular court

***Guest Hosted by Rabbi Avrohom Kahan *** Founder, Bais Din Vaad Hadin V'horaah, Rav, Congregation Khal New City

with Rabbi Yochonon Twerski – Av Bais Din Kav Hayosher -  11:44
with Dr Leah Younger – Clinical Director of Younger Psychology, www.youngerpsychology.com - 35
with Rabbi Yoel Asher Labin – Rav of Toms River -  1:00:26

with Ms Miriam Zakarin Esq. - Attorney at Treuhaft & Zakarin LLP -
with Anonymous – alienated father -  1:37:42
with Rabbi Tuvya Stern, Esq. – Attorney & Toen in Eretz Yisroel - 1:59:47

מראי מקומות



4/13/20 - Shiur 268 - “Adults at Risk” – How common is it? How do we deal with the issues?

What brings on "at risk" behavior? Once leaving Yeshivah, what can get someone off-track? Are schools to blame? Parents? Does teaching Emunah help or is it risky? Is there anything we can do to prevent adults at risk? 

***Guest Hosted by Ari Wasserman *** Author of "Making it Work", "Making it ALL Work" (for women) and 10 other Seforim, Maggid Shiur, Yerushalayim 

with Rabbi Yisroel Grossberg – Chinuch Expert and Popular Lecturer -  8:06
with Rabbi Moshe Weinberger – Rav of Aish Kodesh, Woodmere, New York -
with Rabbi Dovid Kaplan – Mashgiach Ruchani at Yeshivas Beis Yisrael and Senior Lecturer at Ohr Somayach - 
with Dr. David Pelcovitz - Renowned Psychologist -

מראי מקומות


4/7/20 - Shiur 267 - Timely Messages and Torah for Pesach During Corona from Reb Dovid Lichtenstein

מראי מקומות


4/4/20 - Shiur 266 - Pesach in times of Corona

Cleaning for Pesach churros; kitniyos; tziruf liminyan, Kaddishand kriyas hatorah; Amazon Warehouses; tevilas keilim; hallel Pesach night; haircuts during sefirah; kedimah for ventilators and treatment; chasuanah less than a minyan.

Rabbi Herschel Schachter - Rosh Yeshiva Rabeinu Yitzchok Elchonon, Posek of the OU - 22:54

מראי מקומות


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