10/29/22 – Shiur 392 – Mental Health in Halacha – Learn how to recognize it and deal with it

October 27, 2022

How does Halacha view mental health?
Can you be Mechalel Shabbos?
How do deal with OCD and Mitzvah observance?
When someone comes to therapy and is saying lashon Horah or talking bad about parents is that a problem? Especially when the therapist is encouraging it.
Can you tell an eating disorder patient to eat on Yom Kippur?
What to say when it comes to Shidduchim and you have privileged information?
And much more......

with Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox – Dayan, Forensic and clinical psychologist, Director of crisis intervention for Chai Lifeline – 20:40
with Rabbi Moshe Rotberg – Licensed therapist, Renowned Rov for Hatzolah of Central Jersey and Ohr Yechezkel in Toms River – 1:25:25

 מראי מקומות