10/30/21 – Shiur 343 – Take a dip into the Halachos of Mikvaos

October 29, 2021

Mikvaos for men: Is there any source for going to the Mikvah every day? Did the Tanoim, Amoraim and Rishonim go? How about on Erev Shabbos? Are you allowed to go to a hot Mikvah on Shabbos? What about a cold Mikvah on Shabbos?
People who are far away from a Mikvah can they use the ocean or rivers? What does it really cost to build a Mikvah? How do you build one?
Hear the fascinating story of the discovery of the Rashab's Mikvah - The first Mikvah in the world built with a Bor Al Gabei Bor

with Rabbi Chaim Danzinger - Chabad Shliach, Rostov, Russia, www.jewishrostov.com 18:38
with Rabbi Shmuel Stein - Mechaber, Shabbos in Our Times, Chaver, Miami Beach Kollel – 39:39

with Rabbi Shaya Shagalov, Mikvah Expert – 54:00

מראי מקומות