1/29/22 – Shiur 356 – Who owns a yeshivah? Who owns a Shul?

January 28, 2022

Who owns the money of a Yeshivah?
Can a Rosh Yeshivah sell his Yeshivah in America and relocate the Yeshivah to Eretz Yisroel?

Does the administration have a right to pocket the money if the Yeshivah folds, or does the money have to be given to another Yeshivah ?
Does the donor get back his money or get to decide where the money goes?
Do the legal laws of nonprofits apply to Yeshivos – Dina d'Malchusa Dina?
Can a Rosh Yeshivah take a severance package? How much? Is 21 million dollars too much? 
What happened by the dispute of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's libary

with Rabbi Zalman Graus – preeminent expert in Bes Din process – 21:39
with Avi Shick Esq – renowned attorney, Askan, Former Deputy DA of NY State  – 1:03:03
with Rabbi Eliezer Zaklikovsky – Chabad Shaliach and Historian – 1:27:22
with Rabbi Moshe Shmiel Rottenberg –
Mora D’asra Bais Moshe Shmiel (Flatbush), Dayan, Shaarei Mishpat – 1:36:39

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