2/5/22 – Shiur 357 – Let’s take a dip into the Mikva – Contemporay Shailos of Tevillah, Chatziza – Dealing with OCD related to Tevillah

February 4, 2022

Halachos of Chatziza - Rings that you can't remove, stiches, casts, fillings, braces, contact lenses, nail poish, long manicured nails

with Rabbi Shay Tahan – Rosh Kollel, Arzei Lebanon, Rosh Beis Din Shaarei Ezra – 18:09

Can you send Shailos to a Rov through a photo – Whatsapp?
If there's no Mikvah can you use the ocean?
When - if ever – is Tevillah by day permitted?
What type of supervision do you need for the Tevillah?
Who should be deciding the Halacha questions of the Tevillah the Rov in charge of the Mikvah or the personal Rov of the person Toveiling?

with Rabbi Avrohom Kahn – Morah D’asra, K’hal of New City – 51:24

Dealing with OCD related to Tevillah

with Rabbi Moshe Rotberg – Morah D’asra K’hal Zichron Yecheskel, Maggid Shiur, Hatzoloh of Lakewood, LCSW – 1:20:29

Last weeks riddles – 1:34:40

מראי מקומות