5/23/20 - Shiur 273 - Shidduchim & Dating during Corona – should they be put on hold? What changes are we seeing?

May 21, 2020

***Guest Hosted by Ari Wasserman *** Author of "Making it Work", "Making it ALL Work" (for women) and 10 other Seforim, Maggid Shiur, Yerushalayim

Are there new Shidduchim starting now? Should we hold off? Is Zoom an option? Where are people meeting, with hotel lobbies and restaurants mostly closed? Are masks and social distancing required during dates? Is there Yichud if dates are in backyards and other outside secluded areas?

with Rabbi Yitzchok Breitowitz – Renowned Posek and Senior Lecturer at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach – 13:05
with Mrs. Miriam Levitan – Noted Shadchan, Eretz Yisroel – 42:43
with Rabbi Yechiel Rhine – director of the Agudah’s shidduch initiative – 59:55

with Rabbi Dr. Jack Cohen – Shadchan and Shalom Bayis Coach, New York – 1:19:30

What’s a possible solution for distance learning during Covid?

with Raphael Alter – Managing Partner, Lomdei.com learning programs - 1:36:13

מראי מקומות