6/4/22 – Shiur 373 – The sound of Music Part I – Hear from the biggest names in Jewish Music

June 3, 2022

Hear a firsthand report how Reb Aharon Leib Steinman ZT"l encouraged concerts
Hear how music is keeping our youth from falling away
How has Jewish music evolved over the years?
What makes a song Jewish?

What’s the point of music entertainment or inspiration?
The new style of Jewish music – Is it Jewish?
Is the Jewish music style these days real or just a passing fad?

with Yossi Green – World famous composer for 45 years – 16:57
with Menachem Toker – Radio Kol Chai host, The music expert – 39:07
with Nachum Segal – America’s Jewish Music MC and Maven – 57:11
with Sheya Mendlowitz – World famous producer for 45 years – 1:04:43

מראי מקומות