7/04/20 - Shiur 279 - Buying and selling stocks in Halacha

July 3, 2020

Schar Shabbos; Ribbis; M’achalos Assuros; Pesach; and much more.

***Guest Hosted by Rabbi Shmuel Honigwachs. Host. Dayan bais Havaad Lakewood *** 

with Rabbi Yosef Kushner – head of Business Halacha Division in Bais HaVaad, author Commerce and Shabbos- 22:13
with Dr Abraham Unger - musmach of Telztone Kollel, Professor Wagner College in Staten Island - 1:04:19

with Kurt Lieberman - CEO Magni Global Asset Management LLC - 1:08:05

מראי מקומות