7/23/22 – Shiur 380 – The Halachic Challenges of living at home with a non-religious child or spouse

July 22, 2022

If your spouse is irreligious, can she trusted to say she went to the Mikvah?
Can you allow your son to stay in your house if he insists on staying there with his girlfriend?
Can you eat from the food they bring you?
Do you have to be afraid they’ll make your oven, microwave, and dishes Treif?
If they cook is it Bishul Acu”m?
If they touch wine does it become Yayin Nesech?
Can you give them food and drink if they won’t wash their hands or make a Brocha?
Are they מצטרפף לזימון ?
What happens if they bring Chametz into your house on Pesach?
If the air conditioner shuts off on Shabbos and they turn it on do you have to leave the house?
If they turn on a light on Shabbos can you use that room?

with Rabbi Sholom Fishbane – Director, AKO and CRC, Chicago, Illinois – 17:54
with Rabbi Yossi Bensoussan – Mashgiach Ruchani at Yeshiva High School of Cleveland, Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) – 57:10
with Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis – Rosh Kollel Torah Chaim, Yerushalayim, Mechaber Takonos Hashovim and other Seforim – 1:25:36

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