7/24/21 – Shiur 331 – Are we preparing our children properly for marriage ? The Message of Tu B’Av

July 22, 2021

Why is the divorce rate in our communities escalating at an alarmimg rate? Hear the astonishing numbers

Should something be added in our children's school curriculum to better prepare them?

How to deal with a spouse that has changed?

and much more.... Hear from the experts

with Rabbi Yosef Greenfield - Rov of Chestnut, Lakewood NY, Chosson Rebbi  – 22:53
with Mrs. Esty Greenberg - Kallah Teacher, Lakewood NJ – 41:48
with Rabbi Zecharia Greenwald - Menahel, Maor Beis Yaakov – 52:26
with Rabbi  Dr. Bentzion Twersky - Marriage Counselor – 1:12:32

מראי מקומות