8/20/22 – Shiur 384 – My child was not accepted into any school!!! School Acceptance Policies - Discrimination

August 19, 2022

Is having discriminatory school acceptance policies Halachically allowed?
What damage are we doing to our children?
Do we have a communal obligation to accept all children into schools?
Is there a difference between a boys school and a girls school?
Can schools force people to accept upon themselves Chumros, in order that their kids should be accepted?
Can schools claim they hold themselves to certain standards, if they overlook these standards for affluent members of the community?

with Rabbi Berach Steinfeld – Rov of Khal Dover Tov, Flatbush, Halacha Columnist – 10:49
with Mr. Shuli Halpert – Extraordinary Askan head of Gesher L'Yeshivos – 31:19
with Mr. Yosef Shidler – Parent, Outspoken on school acceptance policies – 1:02:44

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