9/11/21 – Shiur 338 – Sukkos II – How to fufill the mitzvos of the Yom Tov properly (Sukkah, Lulav & Esrog, Simcha) – The Halachos of Chol Hamoed ; The power of a Yochid, Rabbi Avi Schnall

September 13, 2021


Askanus L'sheim Shomayim: Rabbi Avi Schnall

with Rabbi Mordehai Burnstein - Chaplain, Jackson NJ, Dean, Ne’emas Bais Yaakov 29:30

Chol Hamoed: Can you go apple picking or fishing? Have someone build your house or mow your lawn? Fix your car? Order on amazon? Go in to work? Allow your employees to work? and much more.......

What should you have in mind when eating in the Sukkah, The message of the Daled Minim, The meaning behind Simchas Yom Tov

with Rabbi Moishe Francis - Rosh Kollel, Chicago, Mechaber Hilchos Chol hamoed – 39:58
with Rabbi Moshe Elefant - Worldwide Daf Yomi magid Shiur. COO, OU Kosher. Rav, Zichron Yosef – 1:01:46

מראי מקומות