6/20/20 - Shiur 277 - Being Frum in Politics

June 19, 2020

Halachic challenges of being Frum in politics; behind-the-scenes stories and dilemmas from the halls of power; what is the opinion of the gedolei Yisroel on frum people in politics; why are many going to secular parties?

***Guest Hosted by Rabbi Benyamin Goldschmidt, Assistant Rabbi, Park East Synagogue *** 

with MK Rav Yitschak Pindrus - Knesset Member Degel Hatorah - 18:15
with MK Zeev Elkin, Minister of Higher Education and Water Resources, member of the Security Cabinet, of Israel - 52:33
with Eli Groner, General Director of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu office 2015-2018 - 1:22:53

מראי מקומות