9/8/18 - Shiur 186 - Navigating the Yomim Noraim - A New Approach

September 7, 2018

How do we remain functional despite a justified fear? Can we grow from year to year even as our deeds stay the same? What is the thread that ties together Malchus, Shofar, and Din?

*** Guest Hosted by Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer Rav, Dayan, and Mechaber Seforim, Yerushalayim ***

Rabbi Reuven Leuchter - From the leading Mashgichim, Rosh Kolel, Talmid Muvhak of HaRav Shlomo Wolbe zt"l - 12:00
Rabbi Yitzchok Feldheim - Noted Lecturer and Renowned Ba'al Machshava - 49:00

מראי מקומות